IDS gets his facts wrong yet again.

Or, as we say in less charitable circles, he flat-out lied, fabricating his figures for Tax Credit “fraud”.

No surprise there – the man is a pathological liar and couldn’t tell the truth with a gun to his head. And lying so consistently and so blatantly is a major indicator of mental illness, which poses the question “Is he fit to hold office?”

In my view, absolutely not.

It’s must be obvious to everybody close to him that the man is a liability. In the face of overwhelming evidence that Universal Credit is going to be a massive fuck-up – even his own advisors have told him to back off, and have been ignored.

UC and PIP are going to see the lives of hundreds of thousands of people crash and burn, and let nobody in government gives a shit. The Guardian, about a year ago floated the idea that Cameron has set up IDS to fail massively with this insane project. The fact that he allowed IDS to reject the move to Justice and remain at the DWP seems to endorse that idea – Cameron could have insisted. He didn’t.

That IDS will rain down chaos on the sick, the disabled, the unemployed and the simply poor now seems to be a given – but all that matters to Cameron is the IDS self-destructs, destroying whatever credibility and support he might still have in the party. We, of course, are just collateral damage.

If Cameron wants to have any hope at all of electoral success in 2015, he has to act now, to remove this frothing madman from office.

But he won’t.



2 thoughts on “IDS gets his facts wrong yet again.

  1. just been reading that the programme being used in this universal credit thing to match the payments to bank accounts of those in receipt of it have been a massive failure in the 2 areas they have tried it so far. sounds like its going to be a hit n miss affair as to whether people get paid at all or if they do, when.. throwing more ppl into debt and possibly losing homes if they default in some way because they dont get paid on time/. not that IDS is bothered of course.he insists on carrying on as he tries to have the system ready in time and within budget.hope he gets struck down before that happens cos so many of his colleagues arent happy with it at all.

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