Cameron wants 7 more years…

2013-2015 Welfare cuts deepen and UC goes into meltdown; DLA for over 65s scrubbed. Pension credit abolished. Identity cards introduced and must be carried at all times. Ironic blue cards for disability benefit claimants. IDS finally sectioned. Cuts own throat, but cocks it up. No change there. Cuts to Met reversed.

2016  PIP abandoned as so few people manage to qualify. Insurrection by the army, in protest against the cuts is put down by the Met, who are now armed full time, and have their own armoured division.

2017  Dismayed by the adverse publicity surrounding the legions of now homeless sick and disabled people, there’s – finally – a public outcry. Cameron announces that all state disability benefits will end. All current and future claimants will be compulsorily housed in defunct hospitals, clothed, fed and medicated at state expense, saving billions, and housing the homeless ones.

2018  The scheme is pronounced too expensive, and inmates are moved to vacant military camps. Lowest-cost medication contract given to Serco. Camp cemeteries expand.

2019 Cameron declares himself supreme ruler. Parliament emptied at gunpoint by the Met. MPs staging a protest are summarily shot. Daily Mail and BBC are the official state mouthpieces. The Queen acknowledges her cousin as leader, and abdicates.

2020 Civil war – Scotland invades. Trident subs nuke Edinburgh and Glasgow in retaliation.

Misreading the situation, America nukes Russia. Full scale nuclear war results – Mutually Assured Destruction reigns supreme.

The End.

(Cameron stages coup in Hell.)


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  3. yeah well. he wont get in. hes deluded. as for IDS ….i wish. more n more people are being involved in these cuts but i bet nothing will stop him until he starts attacking the bankers and his cronies. and he will one day turn on them when theres nothing more he can do to us.

      • well i will be voting labour. even if they dont change the leader. hes had a sufficiently poor background to be able to understand more what people are going through now.besides as you say what choice have we got?i have a son, think ive mentioned this before, got fibromyalgia,in a lot of pain on a daily basis. had an assessment before Xmas.think it was November. he got his results today. hes failed it. his money stops being paid on the 23rd jan. unless he appeals. which of course he is going to do. he is 41 years old. has his own council (now housing association)flat. takes him all his time to feed himself, pay gas and electric,water rates etc. will be expected to pay his share of council tax when that comes in (not sure if pensioners are exempt from that or not) i often have to help him out with one or the other. he is now going to have £68 a fortnight less to live on until such time as the dwp gets around to dealing with his appeal.which could be anything from a good few weeks to upto a year or possibly more. this now means a bigger drain on my resources. i cannot as his mother allow him to lose that flat especially as ive just paid out myself to have my own old dishwasher installed, bought drawers and cupboards,filing cabinet to make things easier for him and to get his lounge decorated.i dont have hundreds stashed away. im not even in the income tax bracket as im on pension with pension fact i have zilch extra lying around anywhere except what i put away for insurance excess if i need the vet for my dog which my doctor persuaded me to get for my own healths sake. i have my own needs too so can only do so keep everything crossed that he will get through the appeal./ luckily he does have an understanding Dr. so hopefully that will help.

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  5. True Ron, but his own party are beginning to see the idiotic things that IDS and Osborne, a well as others in Cameron’s cabinet, as being against a lot of things that they actually believe in as Rather Upright British People! I know that the only way in for them really is to have another Coalition but who with? UKIP – gawd help us all. Labour, I don’t think that will happen, although they are now of the same mold and don’t understand what its like to actually work for your money and budget, pay bills, pay for food, mortgage etc. Up here in Scotland we have very different parties to vote for but we still ultimately suffer under the hands of whoever is in Parliament down South. I *think* we get our referendum next year but England are trying to block it by keeping hold of important documents that are needed to be looked at! The more he tries this the more he will lose any kind of respect he has up here (maybe one or two people). Just a great pity that the BNP don’t actually do anything at all like the SNP, except to have B in front of the NP (which is assume is more like badness than British). I wonder what will happen with the referendum here? Let the Tories keep destroying people and the country and I think we’ll be opting out and becoming independent. The best thing that could happen is the people getting them out this year but it won’t happen. The people are not only apathetic but scared as well. Most of them are but you always have the ones that are only out for themselves – oh hang on a minute, they are called tories!
    I don’t think that we are ever going to come back up from all this again – we should take the same stance as the Icelanders (I think their banks started the troubles?), or the French, who usually run away at the first sign of trouble!
    We also have the Magna Carta that cannot be changed and fiddled around with like they are trying to do with the Human Rights Charter. We could use that but we’ve no-one who will stand up and take those first steps! It’s got to be someone that people know and like, but also someone who has compassion, is educated enough to lead us and can get together a lot of people from all walks of life to set up another party for the people. LibDems are gone now, Conservatives will always be taking from us and giving to themselves, and New Labour is just as similar as Tories. I feel we are stuffed. And UKIP doesn’t even deserve a mention! I truly wish the Unions could do more, at least they helped lead the defeat in the 70’s or was it the 80’s? Too confused ‘cos the painkillers are kicking in now.

    • Actually, Jay, the Magna Carta ceded power usurped by King John to the military elite of the day – the barons – not the people. For most of us it has no relevance at all.

      There is no mechanism for the people to remove an unpopular government, other than at the ballot box.

      People keep saying – and it seems to be people who weren’t even alive then, so really haven’t a clue – that people power got rid of Thatcher, which simply isn’t true. Thatcher was dumped by her own party as she was becoming an embarrassment.

      I think with the unions you’re thinking of the Winter of Discontent, 1978-79. The unions then did such a great job they brought down the Labour government and brought Thatcher to power. Essentially, unions look after their own interests – they don’t care about anyone else (and I say that as a former union activist – when I was working). No matter what the damage to the country, unions will always put their members first. At the TUC march, they pretty much had to be bullied and cajoled into letting disabled people take part.

      One thing the unions could do – all unions acting together – is stage a genuine general strike. We’ve never had one in which all unions acted in concert, and it would – or should – provoke a confidence vote in the Commons. If the LibDems have a free vote, Cameron would lose and be out within the month. What happens then is in the lap of the gods – and the Queen. She might ask Miliband to form a government for the remainder of the term, or form an all-party interim coalition government which, effectively, means that nothing would get done, but at least no-one could do any more damage.

      That’s the good news. The bad news is that such a strike would, inevitably, cause a lot of suffering, and the British people are nothing if not fickle – they can change from cheering on the unions to condemning them in the blink of an eye, when they can’t buy bread.

      People want revolution – they just want someone else to do it for them!

      • think those kicking up the biggest about all this are those being affected the most or as you say have a close relative in that situation. therefore most are not in a position to do much revolting. could you do it Ron? in your condition? most like us ,can only use words.ideas, etc. i know its not enough. but we cant keep quiet either.

  6. Such a sad country we live in then 😦 We have so many suffering, so many terrified of losing their jobs and yet no-one will do anything about it. He brings in the new Employment act soon (or something on those lines) were people in work will hardly have any rights at all. Then all the companies can get rid of the part timers and stop paying proper wages to the rest of the employees, if they complain they get shot of them and take on the slave labour that this government has started up under the work for nothing scheme. Well lets face it, you can’t actually call the schemes anything else!!! This is really going to have such an affect on people that things will just get worse and worse. The unions don’t seem to be saying much about it at all – and they don’t seem to be bothered about the fact that employees can be given just 45 days redundancy notice instead of the 90 it’s been for so many years – and that makes me really wonder why?
    There is another option – get a modern day Guy Fawkes 🙂 🙂
    If there was a union that could be started by the people and for the people from all walks of life, and for employed as well as unemployed, disabled, sick and elderly and it cost a £1 a week dues, then I’m pretty certain a lot of people would join said union – but again, we have the problem with who would actually be the heads of such a union?
    I do think that troubles are going to rise this year – I can’t actually see another way out as this evil government make people turn against each other – the divide and conquer rule that they are doing their best to happen with their lies and innuendos.
    But as you said in one of your posts last year, well as near to the wording as I can remember, when you have lost everything then you have nothing left to lose, and that is when you have to look over your shoulder continually (the government) – or that’s when you can become your most dangerous. I think that also has a strong likelihood. It’s worrying isn’t it? And you are so right that people want a revolution but can’t be bothered to do it – we are such a lazy country!

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