Cameron treats GP services like Amazon…

In another example of how hugely detached from reality he is, and how fixated he is on always being right, Cameron wants to introduce a patient assessment system for  GP services which includes the question “Would you recommend this to family and friends?” (Pulse magazine.)

Despite the fact that this has been condemned as utterly useless by everyone from the GPs themselves to the NHS Alliance, Cameron insists it will be rolled out nationally.

There are many problems with this question, not least the fact that whatever it is the patient gets from their GP, the experience might well be utterly irrelevant to friends and family. In that case, a sensible patient might well decide to answer negatively, or ignore the question, despite the fact that “12.5% of the quality premium payments given to CCGs will depend on the results of the test.”

Then again, friends and family might not even be in the same practise catchment area, so answering the question at all would be pointless or, like me, patients might have no family anyway, which might also result in a negative answer.

The fact of the matter is that you cannot score medical services as if you were shopping for groceries or buying books from Amazon – the situation is far more complex than that.

I am – and no doubt others are too – already plagued by retailers seeking my approbation for their goods and services (I’ve got the goods, they’ve got my money – end of transaction as far as I’m concerned), I don’t need my GP adding to this steady torrent of crap (but if he does, he won’t enjoy my response because the bugger hasn’t been anywhere near me in nearly two years, despite the fact that I’m on the housebound list which, as I understand it, should get me an occasional visit just to check I’m alive!).

But to get back to this assessment, it seems perfectly clear that Cameron, rather than commission a purpose-specific questionnaire for patients to assess their GPs (why not hospitals too?), he’s just using a bog-standard market research tool in which the question “Would you recommend to family and friends?” scores highly, even though it’s entirely irrelevant in this situation.

This is just another example, if one were even needed, that Cameron hasn’t a clue what he’s doing, and simply makes stuff up as he goes along which, frankly, is dangerous.

Even more dangerous, as we’re seeing in so many areas, even when experts tell him he’s wrong, he flatly refuses to back down and always has to have his own way, a classic indicator of megalomania.

We saw this to a degree in Thatcher, but in Cameron it’s writ large and, as he seems to have no-one who will stand up to him, and that, along with the fact that he’s bookended by that giggling, incompetent, fool Osborne, and the increasingly deranged IDS, represents a massive danger to the ordinary people of this country.


6 thoughts on “Cameron treats GP services like Amazon…

  1. WTF!!!!!! I’ve heard it all now – he needs putting in an asylum and the key thrown away. And no, not the lovely mental health services that I am lucky to be with, but in a dark, dank place were he gets his slop thrown at him once a day!!!!
    As for that question I will be answering it with – “Totally irrelevant and you’re off your head Cameron” or words to that effect. Maybe you could come up with a swift and witty answer to put, you know you do it so well 🙂
    Am setting off to the hospital soon, hopefully my phone will work inside *prays like mad to whoever might be there* 🙂

      • I did Ron 🙂 The connection is up and down quicker than a hoars drawers (‘scuze the spelling). I’ve just been dosed up with diazepam and temazapam so am hoping to sleep most of the night! I am supposed to be having a pre med in the morning and am second on the list.
        Will still avidly read your blog as much as I can 🙂

  2. All my family who live in the same city as I do, are with the same GP, so that’s what I would write, but it’s a load of bunkum anyway.

  3. well as every one of the family i am actually in touch with on a weekly if not daily basis has completely different things wrong with them to me. plus we live in different areas of the same metropolitan area anyway.only me and my daughter go to the same GP practice and we never hardly see a GP these days as its usually either the nurse practitioner or acute diseases nurse (or one of the clinics they have us going to) the former can prescribe and diagnose almost as well as the doctor with much less training and the latter can only prescribe certain things like paracetamol, antibiotics and steroids. for basic ailments.i have been lucky in the past few months with no chest infections or major stuff happening so haven’t been in touch. other than to get my 3month diabetic check put back to sometime this month or February. i know not when as they originally wanted me to go on 23rd December. told them i needed what cash i had so i could get to my daughters both days of Xmas so i didn’t spend it alone. i didn’t have an extra 7 quid for taxis to the surgery and back plus the last time i had a blood test done immediately before Xmas the results went missing and i had to have it all done again. so i would write………sorry Mr Cameron, youve messed with my families lives enough now. go mess with your bankers or one of your millionaire chums lives instead now.

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