Wiltshire Farm Foods – Second Review…

Today it was Hearty Redcurrant and Rosemary Lamb Casserole (£4.95), with boiled potatoes, carrot and swede mash, and cabbage, and unlike yesterday’s underwhelming dish, lived up to its hearty designation.

I’ve no idea where the rosemary – one of my favourite herbs, but a lot of cooks treat it with excessive trepidation** – and the redcurrants were, but it was still very tasty and nicely filling.

**I blame Elizabeth David who wrote total garbage about rosemary, based, I’m sure, on prejudice rather than experience.

I weighed this one, and it was a little over its declared weight of 520g and, where the meagre sausage and mash failed, it left me feeling nicely replete. The meat was unfatty, and well cooked, and with enough gravy to stir in the spuds, cabbage and root veg mash.

And that’s about it. It worked, I liked it, and there was enough of it. More than that you can’t ask for. Definitely one for a repeat order.

Just one thing, WFF, if you’re reading this. As yesterday, the website/catalogue  photo is far more generous than the reality. Come on guys, just show us what we can expect – never mind the sodding food stylists! Trust me – fewer people will be pissed off.

Today, I added some ready meals to my Ocado order. Reading the reviews they sell some dismal rubbish, so I stuck to those which had 4 or 5 stars (except for Chicken with Cheese and Bacon, which is unrated as yet):-

1 Braised Beef with Mashed Potato Waitrose £3.29

1 Chicken Casserole Waitrose £3.29

1 Chicken with Cheese & Bacon Waitrose £3.29

1 Cumberland Pie Waitrose £2.39

1 Pegoty Hedge Traditional Fish Pie £4.25

1 Aunt Bessie’s Frozen Toad in the Hole £1.50

I also added a couple of items to bulk up some of the smaller meals:-

1 Aunt Bessie’s Roast Potatoes £1.65

1 McCain Micro Chips £1.50

The chips can go in the microwave for the last few minutes of cooking the meal, and the roasties will be tossed in the fryer. Possibly, I might deep-fry the whole pack so they’re thoroughly cooked, the freeze them so they can be microwaved as needed. They’ll lose their crunch, but I can live with that.

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  1. ah. one of the dearer ones. will have to try some of those myself then/ but to be honest i feel they are a tad expensive but if they are as good as you think. ill have a go. ive avoided most of the dearer ones as im not a person who likes too much mix up (i.e. chicken in red wine, steak and ale pie, does nothing for me at all but then im practically teetotal these days and dont really like the taste of booze so anything that says its got it in puts me off)

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