Really, really, dreadful smoked fish from Tesco…

Beware of Tesco Finest 2 Oak “Smoked” Haddock Fillets. They look good,


but as soon as they hit the hot pan (I fry smoked haddock in olive oil and butter, which complements the flavour nicely and makes the skin very easy to remove, especially when it’s not been de-scaled, like this stuff), this horrible white crap oozes out.

Tesco white crap

So, I scraped it off, shoved it to the side of the pan, and finished cooking it.

Incidentally, they were defrosted and drained, and thoroughly blotted on kitchen towel, before cooking.

Plated, skinned, seasoned with a little vinegar, salt and white pepper, it was identifiably fish, but whether it was actually haddock, and whether it was actually smoked, I have not the faintest idea – it was impossible to tell.

Best advice I can offer is to avoid this rubbish like the plague. The really annoying thing is that I have another fillet still to eat.



6 thoughts on “Really, really, dreadful smoked fish from Tesco…

  1. Take it back to tesco and tell them that you are not happy with the product. i’m pretty sure it says on the side of their own brand products to get in touch if you aren’t happy.
    Must admit your photos are great but I wouldn’t fancy eating it either! xx

    • I’m housebound, and taking it back isn’t an option, so I’ll content myself with a little adverse publicity. If they don’t like it, tough!

      The remaining fillet I’ll treat the same way, then cut it up and dump it in a bowl of hot and sour noodles (sweet and sour instant noodles with a good shot of sweet chilli sauce).

      I use a Canon compact for kitchen pics – an Ixus 860IS. Unlike my other digital cameras, all that needs doing in Photoshop is resizing – colour balance and exposure are usually spot on.

      • I speak as i find and complained to tesco too, even though my OH works for them lol we’re customers too. Do you have home delivery, if so they can take it back when you do your next shop. just ring them and explain.
        You know the asda thing where they price match and give you a coupon if you could have bought it cheaper elsewhere. i did all the usual online bit but went to print off and was using an ipad at the time and had nothing to print it with,so when was able to get back to the laptop to print it, it wouldn’t allow me, so i just phoned asda, explained and they sent me the voucher money on a gift card which was good asit last longer than a coupon. I bought some mini fruit pies their extra special range, like tesco finest, and there were no fruit in the pies, so i got money back by a card for them too. i think these gift cards must be able to be used online too. i don’t get out much, I’m disabled too, so understand where you are coming from.
        I’ve been getting your blog updates via email, i think you are great, i love reading them. i live the way you just write as if you were speaking 🙂
        that camera seems really good. i bought a panasonic digi SLR, no idea why its to heavy for me. id have been better off with another small one. i currently cheat and use an ipad to take photos inside 🙂
        keep up the good work, enjoy the noodles.. i think id prefer them without the fish though
        best wishes xx

        • Sainsbury’s do the price comparison thing too, against Tesco – but they don’t operate it online. Must have a word about that. I’ve also got about £13 in Nectar points which I can’t use at Sainsbury’s online.

          I prefer shopping at Tesco because you get to pick your own substitutes, so I always get something I can live with. This week, though, I’m getting a load of ready meals and pizzas from Ocado (all stuff that’s had good or very good reviews – they do seem to sell some dreadful meals if you’re not careful).

          Back in the summer I bought a Canon SX130IS, a bridge camera with a huge zoom lens. Works well too but I’ve only managed to get out with it once. I’ve posted a few pics on Flickr the SX130 pics are those from Roodee Mere, except for the Canada geese – that’s my Olympus DSLR with a 140-600mm zoom lens. Click the pics to see them full size.

  2. Yuck! I’m not a lover of fish but I will give that a no-go. You could ‘phone and complain or the soup sound nice and tasty 🙂
    Either that or shove it into a nice pan of buttered mash.

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