Medication buggeration!

I’ve been tinkering with my meds, since I doubt my GP will play ball, not if he can save a few coppers a pack on my beta-blocker.

First, though, a long-standing problem. Some brands of generic Omeprazole (Losec) contain surfactants and emollients. These are fine in lotions and ointments (and detergents in the case of surfactants), but have no place in ingested meds, because they cause violent diarrhoea, as I know to my cost.

I’ve reported this to the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, who couldn’t give a bugger, ditto my GP. The MHRA’s attitude was that as long as the correct drug is present in the specified quantity, they don’t much care what else is in there (I covered this in detail a couple of years ago), and, frankly, that’s an attitude that could get people killed. My GP doesn’t give a shit because they’re cheap.

Anyway, it finally occurred to me that taking a drug which can potentially cause diarrhoea at the same time as one that causes constipation (2 x 30/500 Co-codamol), they might cancel out each other’s problems and, indeed, that seems to be the case. Or, at least, it did before everything gastro-intestinal went to hell in a handbasket at Christmas – how much of that is diet linked I don’t know for sure any longer, as it’s become clear that the higher dose of Nebivolol, see below, is largely responsible for the vomiting and diarrhoea over the past month. I’m also thinking it’s triggered my IBS.

The problem is the shape of the 5mg tablets. If they were disc-shaped, like aspirin, they’d cut cleanly, but they’re lenticular (think Smarties), and, as a result, they’re prone to shattering when cut, so there is quite a bit of wastage. So I need to hassle him for 2.5mg tablets that I can easily quarter, but at least I have a fallback position if he won’t co-operate.

I’ve figured out that with the application of sufficient violence, they will usually cut cleanly, even into eighths, though there is still some wastage, which probably offsets any savings from this half-arsed idea.

I can offer my GP a deal, if he’s obdurate. I have an inhaler, Atrovent, which, because I’m so inactive, I really don’t need now, so I’ll offer to give up that in exchange for 2.5mg Nebivolol. There should be no problem as the saving is much greater.

If he won’t play ball, though, it’s time for a complaint to the FPC** – I’m getting sick of this useless arsewipe, and I’m not having my health, maybe even my life, put at risk so he can save a few coppers.

**Assuming it still exists.




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  1. hi Ron. well. i can see where yur coming from. but drs in general dont seem to give a damn these days. my son has fibro. it affects him pretty badly., his last GP seemed to be on his side and supporting him but all of a sudden he retired. my son is trying to put an appeal in against the ATOS/DWP decision that hes fit for work. (every year ,even before the advent of the condems. my son has been subject to medicals. every year he failed but won on appeal. to me that should say something) anyway his new doc has refused to give him a med report to put in with the appeal papers saying they dont provide them there. he had been told it was no good putting an appeal in without this report cos he wont stand a cat in hells chance of getting through. course he went to pieces, and who picks the bits up? his mum n his sis. anyway. finally got him to ring his solicitor who is putting in some request or other (legal chanel thing) to get copies of his med notes. so hes a bit happier now. but talk bout panicking this morning. him not me but i do worry about him…and that started MY bowels off again. as upsets seem to do these days. so there is another useless GP.
    but as for you, all i can say is be careful and hope you get what you need etc.

    • What about hospital records? Even if he’s not currently seeing a consultant (very often there’s no point in turning up every 6 months just to be told to come back in six months!), he can get copies under the FoI Act, which is how I got mine.

      My understanding is that GPs can’t refuse medical reports – they are the ones with the information after all – but they can charge for them pretty much what they like. If all else fails, an FoI request to the surgery will get his records for, say, the last 3 or 6 months but, as ever, they can charge.

      By the way, I’ve gone back to Sainsbury’s for my ready meals. They’re a known quantity, the quality is acceptable, and about a pound cheaper than WFF on average.

  2. There is the rub Ron… hes not had a specialist yet for this. although hes had same symptoms getting worse over time, he has never been referred to anyone. he was only diagnosed around sept/oct time last year. thing with my son is hes lived in a few different places. Bedford..his own doc took no notice other than to give painkillers. i knew something needed doing so i took him to my docs. he was in his 20s then/ he diagnosed 3/4 inch shortening in one leg causing kyphosis of his spine and misalignment of his shoulder and hip joints.had a lift put in his shoe. a loose one. when he moved back up north here he lost that so they were gonna put him a permanent one in but as he could only afford 1 pair of shoes at a time and he wore through them quickly there w2as no point as he was only allowed 3 pairs of shoes to be done per year and it took 3 weeks to do them at the hospital disability aids dept.(now they tell him there’s no evidence of a kyphosis)… time went on. he moved to Bridllington. doc there was one of those …take one look at someone. (my son dressed in cut offs n leathers with long hair)and brand them as lazy good for nothings and just told him to get a job. he managed to get another doc who was more sympathetic but soon after his relationship broke up and jhe moved back here.before he went to Brid i did manage to persuade the doc here to let him see an orthopaedic specialist who did an op on his elbow to release a trapped nerve. which helped a bit with his shoulder stop was another relationship in Bury.Lancs. he had a good doc there but most hadnt heard about fibro then.let alone believed in it. this is 7 years ago. came back here. lived with me 18 months. his doc then was fibro informed but still new to it. then moved to a different area 5 miles from me and thought he had found another doc who would help until he retired. so back to square one. so only hospital notes would be to do with the orthorpaedic consultant and we are talking around 10 years ago. cant even remember his name.
    i too thought GPs were supposed to provide these reports/letters call em what you like. but this dr says they dont do it. paid or unpaid. i think the solicitor may have requested them under the FOI thing. might pay me to just ring and ask then if they do do them.. they wont know me from Adam n can use mi maiden name which i could do legally anyway now.(could have over the last 27years but couldn’t be bothered with changing it at all the official places and everyone knows me by it now

    im still trying oak house. but not happy that i have to put water in the veg (only cos im so used to WFF and not having to do so , so now i forget to do it.

    have done a list of all the meals i may eat( taking out those i now i wont)
    another list of any Ive ordered then a review underneath. any good ones i put on another list……lol complicated but on average should know if any better than WFF. haven’t tried Sainsbury’s i must admit. maybe i should do a monthly shop there one month.

    • You could phone the surgery and ask reception if they do health reports for insurance purposes. If the answer is yes, then the doc has no excuse.

      • the answer was no they dont. my nephew was shocked when i told him. wonders how they are making money as thats one of the ways most surgeries do get cash…he says.

        • Very strange. Or, perhaps, they’re sneakier than me, and you have to wave the insurance form at the GP in person?

          Haven’t been to my GP for years, but there used to be a menu of all the things they’d charge you for, and medical reports were at the top.

  3. at my surgery there’s a TV screen up on a wall fixture. Ive seen a list on there plus in the surgery handbook of things they charge for and like yours, reports are up in the top one/two.

    collected the sick note the doc did for him and we took him n this note to our local, office only to be told it had to be posted to another office in another town 18 miles away. a 40 min drive. the envelope he was given was stamped /addressed but couldn’t be sealed so we said sod it,went for a drive to get us all out of the area for a couple of hours, then i brought it home with me, sealed it with sellotape then gave it to my regular postie this morning to post.(hes very good and very trustworthy, even took a load of Xmas cards for me one year when i couldn’t get out. gave him money for the stamps and he gave me the change plus receipt next day.)
    its no good sending by recorded delivery to dss offices .they take no notice. proof of postage not proof of sending and they dont accept things that have to be signed for they say.

    • Found out that GPs are having to provide WCA reports directly to the DWP/Atos (and complaining that they’re being asked for information they don’t actually have). Explains why they won’t do it for patients too, I suppose.

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