Back to Bacon Basics – drying…

After a week in the curing salts, it was clear that the pork belly wasn’t going to yield up any more than a teaspoon or two of liquid, so I called it a day.

As already mentioned, I used two different curing salts, Supracure and Laycock’s Dry Cure. In the pic, below, the longer piece was treated with Supracure, the shorter with Laycock’s.

Drying bacon

Initially, both were more or less the same size, but the Laycock piece has contracted and thickened. No idea why. It will give bigger slices, though, and makes identification easy.

After a brief soak for about 20 minutes, both were dried and put on a rack in the fridge to dry off for a couple of days, after which they’ll be sliced and tested. The skin will be removed once sliced, as that’s much easier.

Watch this space…