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  1. Get well soon Ron,


    >________________________________ > From: Ron’s Rants… >To: jacquibutterworth@ymail.com >Sent: Thursday, February 7, 2013 12:09 PM >Subject: [New post] Not been posting… > > > WordPress.com >Ron posted: “Apologies for the lack of posts lately – very ill and taking way too long to get back to normal. Back soon, hopefully. Ron.” >

  2. Many thanks to all of you. If I disappear completely, I’ll be in hospital – I don’t see how I can avoid it as this is way beyond my ability to fix. If so I’ll try to post a message here first, to let people know.

    I’ve treated myself to a new phone (Samsung Galaxy S3), so I’ll be able to stay in touch, probably mainly on Twitter. If you’re not already a member you don’t have to join, you can find me on
    https://twitter.com/rantsfromron You can read my tweets, but you can’t reply without joining.

    • Really sorry that you are feeling that bad Ron :(. If you do end up in hospital I really hope you are home and better quickly as we all know how much you hate that place!
      Is it still the same number on your new phone Ron?
      Best wishes – Jayx

  3. I for one miss you when you don’t post your blogs or even tweet much Ron so I sincerely hope you do regain as much of your health as you can as soon as possible. Take care of yourself. Xx

  4. Ron…keep on trucking…you are an important read, thought , humour and person….get together soon and keep on ranting
    “your country needs you”
    Just get well soon? You are my Monday through the week read 😉

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