David Cameron adds food to the list of subjects he knows nothing about…

About horsemeat in food, David Cameron says on Twitter that “this is completely unacceptable – this isn’t about food safety but about proper food labeling & confidence in retailers.”

No, you witless bugger, it’s sod all to do with labelling and everything to do with food safety, and if you knew anything at all about food you’d know that. Trouble is the closest you come to horsemeat is being a horse’s arse on a regular basis.

The fact is, on the retail level, reputably-sourced horse meat costs more than basic beef. It follows, then, that the horse meat in burgers, lasagne, etc, is highly unlikely to be from a reputable source, but from the nearest knackers’ yard, or imported, without provenance, from the other side of the world, as to do otherwise would trash the profit margins, which is the other side of this nefarious trade – maximising profits by any means available.

Then there is a drug called Phenylbutazone, routinely used to treat horses for an assortment of ailments and which is toxic to humans, but – and this is the problem with it – while it’s not present in horses raised for the table, it’s very likely to be found in the sort of knackered old screws that find their way into the illicit horsemeat trade, along with any other drugs, toxins, or pathogens, that might be present.

This is why, you ill-informed apology for a human being, it is entirely about food safety until and unless it can be proven beyond all doubt that the horsemeat in question came from animals raised for the table.

I strongly advise not holding your breath while you wait for that to happen.

12 thoughts on “David Cameron adds food to the list of subjects he knows nothing about…

  1. It wouldn’t bother me at all if I ate horse meat. It would bother me, however, if the horse meat I ate, had Phenylbutazone injected into it. Especially if eaten over a period of time.

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  3. morning Ron. hope your feeling a bit better. all i can say is every time i open my chest freezer to get a ready meal out for my dinner all im seeing is a horses head in my mind and i shut the freezer and go make scrambled eggs on toast. daft i know. but true. cannot imagine eating horse meat at all.mere thought of it brings pictures of horse racing, or a horse in its stables looking out over the closed bottom half of the stable door. and i shudder.not a meat lover at best of times tho and with a poor appetite it dont take much to put me off.

  4. I agree with hugosmum70 – the thought of eating horse meat appalls me! I don’t eat ready meals (yet), and I rarely eat meat (due to the expense!), and I don’t even like lasagna, burgers or spag bol – but it’s making me look very closely at the hospital food and I’m eating even less than I did before!

    • In hospital, Jay, have the vegetarian option, or fish.

      When I was a kid in Manchester, down at the end of the row of shops, next to Sharples’ the cake shop were I always got a custard tart, was a grim, black building, with really scabby black woodwork that looked as if it had been soaked in blood for generations, and inside, through the always-open door, were huge, bloody, slabs of meat, stacked on a butchers’ table. The horsemeat shop. Must have done a good trade as it was long before refrigeration was routine (late 40s), and the meat was always so fresh a good vet could’ve had it back on its feet.

      Just dawned on me that the joints were so huge, not just because I was small, but because they were cart-horses, which were enormous. Still, no bute or other dangerous drugs in those days.

      Never had any as far as I know, but I did in Paris in the 60s, and very nice it was too.

      I think that as long as you avoid bargain-basement meat, especially mince and burgers, you should be OK. The contamination seems to be at the crappy end of the market. For now, anyway.

      • I am fed up looking at salads and sandwiches! On an odd occasion the fish option is on so I go for that. I can’t eat their stews, they look like sick on a plate 😦 I’m sure they are trying to get rid of all the lasagna as that seems to be on the menu every day! I had the chicken risotto which was rather tasty as well as the mushroom one. I love risotto but don’t know how to cook it from homemade *hangs head in shame*. I can’t take the soup anymore, I feel awash with it! And whoever heard of a bread roll with butter and jam to put on it for breakfast? I came home for a weekend pass and had homemade chips (done in a proper chip pan with lard – yum!) and egg, with bread and butter and a cup of tea. Best meal I’d tasted for ages. Back to the hospital tomorrow and their disgusting meals 😦

        • When I feel a bit better, Jay, I’ll write you a basic risotto recipe, to which you can anything you fancy. It’s not hard, the only downside is that you have to pretty much stand over it stirring for about 20-30 minutes.

          Just had another barfing session – really getting tired of it. My body seems to be misreading the signals, and whatever I think it’s going to do, it barfs instead.

          Losing weight fast, too, which is a bit scary, so I’m getting the doc out on Monday. Pretty sure I’ll wind up in hospital.

  5. remember going to my grandparents and just before we turned the 2nd to last corner before their house ,on the main street ,was a wooden hut sort of shoved between taller buildings on either side. mum always made us kids walk on the other side of her from that shop…. the change over stopped us seeing too much. (now i know what she didn’t want us to see.). was years later that i found out it was our local horse meat shop.

    so if its the crappy end of the meat market getting targeted then once again the poorer end of society will have to suffer. seeing as perhaps that’s all the meat they can afford. they (the media) are now trying to say its been done deliberately tho by who i know not.

    • The culprits, according to the Guardian, are the Polish and Italian Mafia – no real surprise, I suppose.

      I used to like Birds Eye burgers, but the last pack I bought, about a year ago, looked like beer mats. Cooked like them, too, so they got binned.

      If people want cheap burgers, it’s easy enough to make their own. Pound of mince from the local butcher who makes his own, a little grated onion, 4 oz of breadcrumbs to lighten the mix snd make it go further, seasoning, and maybe an egg to bind (not essential, but adds protein and makes shaping them easier). Far better than value burgers!

      And the thing is, if you buy burgers, or sausages, that cost about 10p each, or less, they are always going to be crap, either bulked up with soya** or bread, or worse, mystery meat. This is Asda’s 10p sausage, offered without comment!:

      **I’ve not had a mince-based ready-meal that didn’t contain some soya mince. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as it’s high in protein and low in fat, but it’s rarely, if ever, declared and it should be. Note: “Vegetable protein” is almost certainly soya.

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