I have had enough – Update…

Morning all.

Just a note to say I might be offline most of today after a very bad night.

Late last night I was hungry, and had to choose between yoghurt and canned tuna. I picked tuna, and consequently spent the night recycling somewhat used fish – which is about as much fun as it sounds – and sleep was at a premium.

I also messed up my 06.00 meds, as when I should have taken them, traffic was going the other way.

Taken them now, but feeling pretty used up, so I’m going to rest for a while, and try to catch up on sleep.

I will be getting my GP out, too, as this has to stop, but I also need to get cleaned up first. It’s embarrassing to admit but I haven’t been near soap and water since Christmas, as I’m too weak and in too much pain to stand for more than a very few minutes. Right now I have no idea how that’s to be accomplished. (And this, really, other than my antipathy towards Arrowe Park, is the main reason I’ve been against the idea of medical help.)

And finally, those of you anticipating an email, please bear with me – it will happen, just maybe not today.

Thank you for your patience, and your kindness.



6 thoughts on “I have had enough – Update…

  1. feel better soon. and much as i feel like you about hospital (in general with me) i think calling your GP is a good thing. pity you couldnt have made it to your friends so you had chance of a decent hospital though if needed,

  2. Oh Ron :(. I don’t see the need to get cleaned up, it’s all part of this illness that has been with you for so long. Let him/her see just what this has done to you physically as well as medically! They have to see the whole picture.
    Hope that you get some sleep and it makes you feel that wee bit better.
    Thinking of you.
    Jay xx

  3. No reply needed Ron. Get that GP out and do mot worry what you look like. Maybe he will realise at last what it’s like for you.
    In friendshi[
    Pat x

  4. Thanks again, folks – your support really does mean a lot to me.

    Managed to snooze most of the day, without a crisis buggering things up, so feel a little better. Just trying to figure out what to eat that won’t fight back, but I don’t think it matters, so I’m having a can of All Day Breakfast. Not exactly haute cuisine, but tasty.

    And during the last 24 hours, I’ve gained half a pound. Not much but better than the slow but remorseless loss that’s been going on – nearly 2 stone since Christmas – my arms and shoulders are just skin and bone.

    A tip – if you’re going to vomit, eat egg mayo sarnies – they’re the same going both ways! (Reformed drinker’s joke – just.)

    And so many people have said bugger getting cleaned up for the doctor, I’m beginning to think they have a point.


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