Food success… Maybe.

Well, folks, last night I had a can of Crosse And Blackwell Hunger Breaks All Day Breakfast, (beans, sausages, salami, sort-of Scotch eggs, mushrooms), with extra beans and ketchup, and HP sauce (sophisticated, me!).

I slightly overdid the HP sauce, but it was very tasty, filled a big, hungry, hole, and more importantly, caused me no grief whatsoever. Hell, I damn near licked the bowl!

Thing is, I’ve been eating bland stuff on the basis that it won’t irritate my stomach, when I apparently didn’t need to, and whatever causes it to kick off is, as far as I can tell, unrelated to food.

So, to properly test the water, I’ve ordered a couple more cans (and just remembered I have a second can), to see if it was just a fluke and, if it wasn’t, I’ll make myself a big pot of the stuff, but rather better quality and with vegetables as well.

I’ve got loads of canned beans of various types, lots of veggies, plenty of passata for the sauce, sausages in the freezer, with bacon, and a jar of dried shiitake mushrooms, in the fridge (for flavour – way too leathery to eat, unless I blitz them in the blender). Sliced Spam, fried to firm it up, will pass for the salami. Taste better, too.

Hope it works out, as I’m tired of ready meals, especially now I can’t be sure what’s in them! Tired of starvation too – I’ve a load of ready meals that I’ll have to throw out as I’ve eaten so little they’re long past their use-by date. Plus the fact that I have no confidence in what sort of mystery meat might be in them.

OK, I wrote that at 01.30 this morning, and it’s now 10.20, after a totally trouble-free night – the first since this mess began. Not even violent colonic noise to disturb my rest.

Too soon to claim a success, but at least it’s a step in the right direction. Fingers crossed.


17 thoughts on “Food success… Maybe.

    • Been drinking a lot of milk too, which seems to have helped. And it’s become increasingly clear than any food can set it off. Plus, so far, one that doesn’t.

      Just hoping I get my Tesco order today – snowing like buggery right now. I’ll not starve – got a huge freezer – but there’s stuff I really do need.

    • Scheduled for next Monday unless I continue to improve. Very much a last resort, not least because his response to everything the past couple of years has been “Call an ambulance!”

  1. Well Done Ron! As someone who’s had to ‘live’ on Ensure when the stomach’s really bad, I sent up a whoop of delight on your behalf to hear that you’d managed to eat, and keep down the all day breakfast, YAY!!

    • Managed to repeat it tonight. Dire food but it seems to be what I need right now. Much more queasy this time, but I know why and it’s not sinister. Everything seems to be functioning normally again.

    • At the risk of it sounding like false modesty, I actually didn’t “realise how important you have become to so many people for so many reasons,” at least not on a large scale. Still, it’s a point that’s been made by several people so I suppose it might well be true.

      Very flattering, if so, and just a tad scary too 😉

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