Energy supplies at risk and prices rising…

Energy supplies are on a “rollercoaster” and heading downhill fast, Ofgem has warned again.

The energy regulator’s chief executive, Alistair Buchanan, issued the stark warning to consumers and businesses to prepare for higher prices as power plants close, foreign gas supplies shrink and increasing demand tightens the British energy market.


Households are to face much higher energy bills for years to come, owing to over-reliance in the UK on imported gas, the head of Ofgem warned on Tuesday.

Both Guardian, today

Anyone else suspect the beginnings of an official campaign to soften public attitudes towards fracking?


7 thoughts on “Energy supplies at risk and prices rising…

    • Maybe we need to investigate the clowns who thought committing us to buying gas from Russia was actually a good idea, not to mention the politicians who gave the go-ahead to fracking, in exchange for “donations”.

    • For months my Direct Debit has kept me £30 – £40 a quarter ahead of my electricity bills after the last increase. Now, despite having been too ill to cook or bake since Christmas, reducing my consumption dramatically, it’s now down to £12.

      • Because I’ve cooked as usual (for me), I’m in Debit for the first time in 3 year on my plan! As bill payers this is evidence enough for me.

        Great to read you blogging btw all best x

  1. ok. whats fracking??? and what the heck are we,the consumers supposed to do about using less? already most people are using less cos they cant afford to use more. we,the elderly and those unable to move around much,are told to keep warm. but how many do,. and just how much moving can you do while wrapped in a duvet or with a hot water bottle shoved up your jumper and gloves on?
    sorry. think everythings getting to me today. on a real downer but why WARN us. as if we can do something about it. can you afford solar panels? i know i cant. and thats the only other thing i know of that could give us warmth.

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