Still in hospital . . .

Well, this is by way of a test post, using my phone, and a progress report.

Been here a day shy of two weeks so far and I can tell you that the level of care is vastly

better than last time. Though, to be fair, the bar wasn’t set very high! First thing go happen was that admitting doc confirmed my heart is as buggered as I knew it was.

I’ve improved considerably, in that I can eat without difficulty (except for breakfast which is unutterably crap!). I’d lost 25kg, of which I’ve regained perhaps 10 (I’ll know better soon).

They say my entire metabolism is out of whack, along with much else, but they have cleared up a long-standing skin infection which the admitting doc said was poisoning my whole system. Based on how I feel, he was right.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a hospital if I didn’t have a chest infection I didn’t come in with!

Although I’m on the mend I’m still very ill and profoundly weak, and likely to be here a while yet.

Turns out that my Phyllocontin has been poisoning me for years (the difference between therapeutic and toxic levels is tiny). So they’re trying to bring me back from that too. Co-codamol apparently makes things worse so that’s been changed to Tramadol, which seems fine so far.

And that’s it for now but, as I say  I still have somd way to go, so more later.

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  1. nice to have you back Ron, although I’ve been following you on twitter ( JanetB1980 ). Hope you are able to read this test!

  2. Get well Ron,probably doesn’t feel like it,but you are in the best place at the moment! Take care! From a fellow sufferer!

  3. So good to see you on the mend Ron 😉 Your metabolism would have been out of whack as you where not able to keep anything in, something simple we tend not to think of for some reason. Hope you had a good nights sleep, in-between being woke to check that you are okay and blood pressure etc.

  4. Well I thought as you’d made the huge effort to write a ‘test’ blog from your hospital bed I’d try a ‘test’ comment using my new WordPress account 🙂 xxxx

  5. Oh Ron, I am so glad you are feeling so much better….now if only we could get you to your flat so you could rest and really get on the mend with off course the amount of support in your own home that you need/

  6. glad to hear from you Ron, we must have esp, i said to my wife last night , hope Ron is ok ,as i haven’t heard from him. ORRA BEST.

  7. Glad to hear your improving Ron and that Arrowe park isnt as grim as you had feared. hope the improvement continues and your soon home in your own flat ready take on your kitchen as soon as you have recovered from your hospital stay. if anything like me, your brain goes AWOL after a stay in hosp and stays fuzzy for a time after making it impossible for you to get your head around some things. does me anyway.all the best

  8. Good luck and chin up. Bombs away, back to blighty! Tally ho!, time for tiffin! etc etc. I hope they get a handle on the problems and stabilize your yoyoing situation. The cocodo info was interesting and probably of use to a load of people. Thanks for your efforts in keeping the great unwashed up to date. Let’s hope you are home with proper support, sooner rather than later.

  9. Hi Ron… Glad to hear you are still alive and kicking. The blogosphere would not be the same without you. Courage, mon brave!

  10. Happy to read you again…hurry up and get the hell out of there….take care, more power to your elbow, and the rest Ron….
    You are very much needed Ron …….valuable person…..:-)

  11. yeah i endorse all above … anyway yer missing a whole lot o stuff ya coulda bin commenting on… or are yu keeping up with it all in there ?

      • more to the point…its now being done. as from today a lot of poor sods are going to be in more dire straights than usual.still your job right now is to get well.all the best.

  12. I followed a link to your blog to read a review of Witshire Farm Foods but I am now in a mixture of admiration and a sort of spooky surprise. Admiration as I think the work you have put in on here and your website is amazing, shock because in a lot of ways reading your blog is like looking at my own life! I too have emphysema, luckily so far no real heart problems & I don’t have ME, but I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, in many ways is very similar, which I have had for 10 years now. Due to the forced lack of excercise I have become a fat **** so I am now also diabetic and also suffer hypo thyroidism. I am lucky painkiller wise as I am on both tramadol and co-codamol as well as pregabllin for the FibroM I am also interested in photography, and my first digital camera was a Fuji and I also have bought an Olympus D-slr, as well as the 75-300mm lens ! I am also a keen ornithologist and run a study on Mute Swans across the North West

    I do hope you are soon out of Hospital !!

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