Electrosmog nonsense.

I wrote this post based on a totally erroneous idea. I’m publishing it to show how easy it is to write garbage with the best of intentions – read on.

Readers of my original website, Ron’s Realm, which pre-dates this blog by some four years, will know that I believe the theory that electrosmog is wrecking lives is the biggest load of bovine ordure since Noah shovelled out the cattle hold. Not least because there is no evidence for its existence – electrosmog, not cattle shit, that is.

When I wrote about it I was sitting in the midst of a nest of electronics which, if actually hazardous, would have fried my brain. They didn’t.

Fast forward, however, to last Christmas, and my electronic nest had multiplied both in the number of wi-fi components and their power. And that was when I began to be ill with the condition which brought me, ultimately, to the brink of death from starvation – I simply could not eat anything and that had been the case for a month. It also brought me here to APH.

And that’s when things got very strange. That period is still very blurred but, not too long after being removed from my home and ensconced in APH I was eating normally again, and my 25kg weight loss began to go into reverse.

So, accepting that I believe not at all in electrosmog does not mean my mind is closed on the subject, I have to ask – is it, in fact, real? How else to account for my dramatic improvement?

And at that point my true memory kicked in, reminding me that the proper diagnosis was a raft of deficiciencies and drug toxicity, as detailed elsewhere. And, as I said, with the best of intentions I have written deeply misleading bollocks. See how easy it is and think on . . .

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