Ethics? Ha!

Last week my consultant dropped in, without his usual team, to lay some bad news on me and make me an  offer.

The bad news – no matter what – I’m probably dying from the complications of a failing heart.

The offer – don’t badmouth APH on Twitter – even if justified, and I’d get the best medical care, the alternative being palliative care. Unethical? Yep.

Naturally enough I went for the fear-induced option.

Until last night.

Then I was taking a laxative in prep for a colonoscopy and it also dawned on me that I was getting a diuretic too – hence the 15-minute trips to the toilet! What idiot does that?

I’m out of here right now. More later.


11 thoughts on “Ethics? Ha!

    • Been offline most of the day. Not sure why but sorted now.

      All sorted with Doc. No invasive tests allowed but most others are. Many problems to sort out if I’m not to die too soon – heart, adrenals, lungs, bowels, others.

      Also need a care plan in place before I can go home.

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