Corner People . . .

I have become a Corner Person.

One of us to each corner of a four-bedder.

Gasping for breath, sucking oxygen, hoovering up drugs.

Corner People – trying not to die . . .


11 thoughts on “Corner People . . .

  1. I’ve seen them so many times at the hospitals 😦 Please fight Ron and I really hope that you get the best care without any strings attached 😦

  2. Hang in there, Hun, and as my Dad used to say ‘fight your corner’. Sending you all love and hope.

    • Corner People was just four short lines used to evoke a quite specific image of my personal situation. Based on your responses it succeeded far better than I’d hoped for.

      What this frothing madman Fred takes from it to come up with such a lunatic reaction I have no idea.

      Perhaps nurse was slow cutting up his food last night . . .?

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