A commodious commode…

Well, SocServ delivered a couple of items yesterday. A toilet frame, to provide a boost in lieu of fitted handrails, and the important item, a commode for the bedroom, as my bathroom is just too far away for ultimate safety and my diuretics – the curse of heart patients everywhere – have a sideline in round-the-clock anxiety!

Sadly, the commode is child-sized – and I am not. If this is standard issue for adults, then there must be a lot of them shoved in the back of cupboards, unused.

So it’s back to Plan A – buy my own. For those of the male persuasion, the shape and depth of the “potty” are critical for pretty obvious reasons, and this is where the supplied commode fails, having a simple circular – and small – opening. It needs to be much bigger and/or egg-shaped. Deeper would be good too. Those of you who have used a commode in hospital will know exactly what I mean.

This is the commode supplied. And this is the one I want. (Or maybe this.)

Hopefully, by morning, I’ll have made up my mind (it’s 03.40 right now and having fallen asleep sometime around 22.00 I’m wide awake).


3 thoughts on “A commodious commode…

  1. typical…commode supplied is the cheapest available: suppose you should be grateful it’s a new one…it is isn’t it?

    • Er, no!

      It’s not the cheapness that bothers me so much as the failure to ensure it fits an adult, and one, I have to say, of relatively small stature currently!

  2. Hi Ron yes I used a camode in hospital and you are right you need the right size isn’t it typical and no surprise what they eventually send you isn’t the right one the 2 chosen look pretty study its alway the same to get what you want you have to buy it yourself make me so angry

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