I’ve worked my nuts off today – and survived.

It’s been an exceptionally  busy day –  laundry, food delivery, taking crap out to the bin, tidying, haircut, beard shearing – all beyond me for so long.

Now, though, not only do I feel good, I look good too – I look a good 10 years younger than I did when I got out of hospital last week, and that’s no exaggeration (well OK, maybe 5 years!).

For a start I’ve reverted to the style of my avi – closely trimmed moustache and goatee in newly acquired sparkling white, topped by a No. 1 that’s not quite as white, still retaining enough black to look distinguished (look, this is my fantasy, OK?).

And I hesitate to say this, as it’s so long since it’s been even remotely true, but I actually do feel well. All topped off with an Emmylou Harris marathon and a bottle of wine – life doesn’t get much better.

Well, it could. A very good friend is leaving the country shortly, and I doubt she knows how badly she’ll be missed – she kept me sane in hospital (cleaned my flat too!), and was there for me when I finally lost it, big-time, the day I got out – at that point I just wanted to die. Perverse after all I’d been through trying not to (the tale of the screwed-up colonoscopy and the multiple ruptured veins is yet to come).

I didn’t die, of course, and I’m set fair for recovery, barring accidents but, Fi – you’ll still be missed, dreadfully.

9 thoughts on “I’ve worked my nuts off today – and survived.

  1. I’m not sure why, but this post has me in tears. I don’t know if they’re happy tears for you managing to feel well, or sad tears for you losing your friend.

    I’ve had a few friends move away from home over the years, so know how it feels. You will grieve for Fi moving away, but nowadays you can keep in touch through Skype etc.

    • Well – not the reaction I was expecting, but I’m pretty sure I know why it’s happening, Tricia, at least in part.

      On a lighter note, I’m slaving over a hot stove making my version of Italian Mince, with lots of really robust flavours – not just tomato – paprika, cumin, garlic, chilli, soy sauce and fish sauce (for depth), dried shiitake mushrooms, carrots, shallots, basil and oregano, sweet red peppers, the long ones, with plenty of passata, beef stock, and a splash of sherry. Not traditionally Italian, but I’m confident, when it’s finished, and cooked right down, it’ll taste exactly as I want it to.

      If it knows what’s good for it!

  2. it’s fantastic that you seem to be on a real ‘road to recovery’ (I didn’t say cure) but your life is so much better and you seem much more positive. It is a pity about your friend going away, but she was at least able to be around when you needed her most and she can go away knowing you are a lot better.

    • I do feel positive – so much so that I find myself wondering when it’s all going to go belly up! That, though, is mostly down to me, and making damn sure I don’t overdo things (something I have a nasty habit of doing). So, today, while I’m cooking, I’m also taking plenty of time out, just to sit and do nothing.

  3. I’m glad you’re doing better right now Ron. Fantastic if you’ve been given an Act II. More power to you.

    • I don’t really know what’s going on, except that I feel better than I probably should at this stage. Still, I’ll take what I can get!

      Still profoundly weak – that’s going to take time, and I’ve lost so much muscle I might never get it back. But I feel good – I look pretty good too now, skinny suits me – and in other ways I’m getting back to normal (I can tolerate alcohol again which means I might have a social life again).

      Just need to take care that I don’t do too much too soon, and bugger it all up!

  4. that’s been my philosophy for a long time Ron. 1.if it hurts more than a little. dont do it. 2, if you must do something then take 5 minute breaks in every 10 or so, or however many minutes it takes to make you feel like you need a break. dont go past that time or you will feel ill. if you cant do the job at all. ask for help.from some source,

    mind you some very well meaning people can sometimes make things worse.my neighbour replaced my gate last week as it was starting to fall to bits. (I never have to ask him to do anything ,,,(well rarely anyway unless its an emergency) first off he’s made it higher (have no option now but to go out to my post box instead of leaning over this gate as i could before no matter what the weather. (the gate is just to the left of my side (and only )door that leads outside, post box in wheelie bin shed on wall which is just outside the gate opposite bungalow wall.day after it was installed he had to chop the top off one of the slats as i couldn’t reach over to the bolt either to bolt or unbolt it. too heavy to be left swinging in the wind.and we get some strong ones up here (and nothing to do with baked beans before someone says owt.lol) its pretty heavy anyway full stop./ as yesterday it dropped off one of the hinges… he’d raw-plugged it to the wall instead of putting a gatepost in as the other 13 year old gate had had.,,so today he comes at 9am (unearthly hour.lol) to sort it out and did it properly this time. then i caught my leg (thin skin i have) on the edge of the bottom crossbar.made from 2 x 2 piece from the original gateposts. so he has now had to saw the corner off that plus a bit off the bottom of the first upright piece to accommodate the step. the bolt goes into a hole in the wall of the bungalow. (all this because he tried to cut corners..but i couldn’t say nowt as he did the whole lot for nothing. I’m not complaining though. but do think he could have saved himself a lot of time and energy had he not cut those corners in first place.
    another adage… cutting corners doesn’t always win the race.

  5. oh plus I’m having to buy a bell because no one under 5ft 7 inch can reach over to knock on the door and having a dog there’s a notice on gate saying not to come through that gate without invites.2 of my regular visitors.are 5ft or under possibly 3 once my sis has been again as she is small too., so now had to order a wireless doorbell. nothing is ever simple is it?

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