Care assessment terminated…

As you might have read, I’ve been finding my care assessment more aggravating than actually useful – it really doesn’t take six weeks of twice a day visits to figure out if I can feed, wash and dress myself, all of which have already been demonstrated.

And even though we have times that – as I have been very firmly reminded – I agreed to, people still turn up anything up to 45 minutes early – seriously pisses me off in the morning (tip – I am not a morning person – I have lots of drugs to take, and loads of pain to work through before my day can start!).

So, despairing of getting the assessors to agree that we’re all wasting our time, and that I don’t actually need a care package (that day might well come, but it’s not yet), I bit the bullet, made an executive decision, and it’s over. Better they work with someone who actually needs them, surely.

The thing is, this was all arranged in hospital – and I’m not sure that’s a good idea. Naturally enough, I was feeling very vulnerable at the time, and viewed the prospect of care favourably – even the ambulance crew, who set the care ball rolling, thought it necessary. I even agreed to the times, forgetting the time dilation effect of hospitals – 09.30 in hospital is close to the middle of the day as we’ve been up since 05.30 or so (or, in my case, all bloody night, peeing!).

Might be best to float the idea in hospital, and arrange schedules once the patient is back in their own home and on their own timescale. Just a thought…

What I will quite definitely need, and sooner rather than later, is not care but a wheelie-accessible flat – and I can’t see that happening. It was initially on the agenda, but quickly vanished in favour of a care package. Not helpful.

And I suppose that, at heart, I would have great difficulty, psychologically, being dependent upon others. As I said on Twitter a couple of days ago, I was a latchkey kid from a very early age, and despite what sociologists would like you to believe – that it leads on to a life of crime – what it mostly does is sink the iron of independence deep into one’s soul.

And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.


3 thoughts on “Care assessment terminated…

  1. no… independence is a good thing as long as we dont get bullheaded and stubborn about our needs. but since i had my last hospital stay, i have needed more help but i do not get the help i need. that which helps me to get out doing a bit of walking most days instead of the off day here n there that one of my family can find the time to spend helping me do that. i keep telling them that exercise needs to be regular. a walk down a few yards to my front gate although better than nothing is not going to do much to get my health any better.walk down the road ??? got a hill to get back up which i cant do. age UK did supply a volunteer last year. once a week (yet again and completely missing yet again what IIIII felt i needed not what theyyyyyyy feel i need)the volunteer lasted 3 weeks. was a bad epileptic with bi polar and more issues than Ive ever had mentally. first outing was fine. didn’t see her for 5 weeks then 2nd not too bad/didn’t see her for 9 weeks then on the 3rd outing she walked so fast i couldn’t keep up. my breathing got very ragged n i had to stop n sit on the only thing available at that moment. one of those concrete things by side of road.think to do with gas mains or something.she was miles in front gabbing on /no idea i wasn’t still with her. woulda bin funny had i not felt so bloody angry and out of puff and in pain.
    there are tons of things in place for the elderly/disabled etc/ but only if you let THEM decide what THEY think is best for you. well like you Ron. i KNOW what i need and it aint day care/luncheon clubs/bingo sessions (god forbid) or any of the other things designed to clump us all in a room together when all we want and need is one on one. not everyone is that sociable. and because i didn’t get what i needed 5 years ago (in fact 16 years ago when i moved here leaving all my friend’s miles away down south. nothing for anyone round here except derby/Joan club with bingo and their annual boozy outings). so ive become very antisocial/ my social life is now among my family, and my friends on facebook. none of the latter do i ever see. and the people who come to walk my dog. who dont stay to talk most of the time. recently a neighbour had been coming over for a natter n a cuppa. taken about 8 years for that to happen since he moved in across the way from me. the rest in the other 6 bungalows, your lucky to get an hello from. miserable lot.
    so to conclude…. these things for the elderly/disabled etc are run by people who are so much younger and fit as they come so dont have a clue about what we need. all are individuals. and needs therefore are always unique

    • Same here – there is nothing but the crap you describe, plus betting shops and pubs, and I want no part of it (well, maybe get out to the pub again – with care!).

      Most of my social life – all of it, in fact, since September – happens online. No problem, I’ve made some very good friends, but it’s no substitute for getting out and about, and I really have to make the effort this summer.

      People keep making noises about planning spoonie meet-ups, but we’re so widely dispersed that except where you have a concentration of online spoonies (Cambridge, for example, no idea why, and doubtless London), it’s not feasible as so many of us have difficulty travelling.

      Ah well . . .

      • my social life these days involves, …
        1. going shipping with my daughter.i hate it,it costs me far too much on taxi fares but all i can do some weeks. i dont get that even when her boyfriend visits. just the visits here.
        2.going out with my nephew A) when ive got spare cash for the fuel 2. when he isn’t dialysing or in hospital for some reason (he does dialyse at home which does make things a little easier.
        3. when he doesnt have both his kids. the eldest is fine. the youngest needs a slapped backside.hes insolent,spoilt and will do anything to get his own way and shove the eldest out of favour, now the eldest is coming up 17 and has chosen to live with his dad and my nephew is now starting to appreciate him and realise what a little sod the youngest is.but i wont go when that youngest is there cos i lose it with him.
        4 other than the above, as i said before.its a tad better and not so lonely now. with the 3 dog walkers coming 4 times a week between them? my sis occasionally, my daughter once a eek at least and my neighbour several times a week. he does odd jobs for me.and sometimes brings things from the shops for me and refuses to take owt for em. bit embarrassing as im an independent person normal and usually im the one paying but i aren’t complaining. he has a heart of gold bless him/ so my life now is much fuller even though i dont get out as much as i would like.long may it last, but my passion is for coast and country n new experiences within my limitations.

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