A new recipe is on its way…

So what? I hear you muttering at the back. Simple, my foodie posts are among the most popular these days, so as long as I’m still able to cook occasionally, there will be (hopefully original), recipes.


Well, it’s 04.10 and here I am back online as sleep is even more elusive than usual, so I thought I’d tell you about a new recipe I’m working on.

Those with good memories might recall that I tweeted it from hospital, at the time when I thought I’d be out in a few days. The tweet was intended as an aide memoir, but I was in so long it just vanished down my timeline beyond all hope of retrieval. Should have favourited it – ah well.

Anyway, I’m going to make a bean, rice and fish stew, inspired by the cuisine of Spain. I say “inspired by” since, like my Fabada Wirraliana, I’m not remotely aiming for authenticity – just a dish that says Damn! Eat me – now! with a Spanish accent.

There will be the large Spanish butter beans Judion de la Granja and risotto rice, in a paprika-heavy sauce based on sliced Echalion shallots, sweated off in olive oil and butter until soft but not coloured, with a touch of garlic and freighted with fresh tomatoes, red peppers – the long, pointed kind – and mined with bite-size chunks of hake. At the moment I’m undecided whether or not to fry the hake first. On the whole I rather think not.

If you’re a veggie, just omit the fish and add tofu, sliced and fried, to give it a texture beyond that of boiled snot.

I find that beans take an awfully long time to cook in a tomato sauce (I suspect the acidity retards softening), and the large Spanish beans can take 3 to 4 hours in an acidic dish, so I’ll cook those first, with shallots, onions, carrots, and garlic, retaining the liquid to use as stock – cut the veg in large chunks so it can be removed – cooks’ treat. Squash the garlic cloves with a knife blade,

The beans can be set aside until needed.

The paprika I use is Hungarian and isn’t smoked – another move away from Spanish authenticity but smoked paprika is terrible stuff, tasting like a bonfire and totally dominating the rest of the ingredients. Mine, though, is possessed of a little heat so if you’re tempted to add chilli I suggest you familiarise yourself with it first.

The tomatoes will be added in two batches, the second towards the end to add a sprightliness to the sauce that would be lacking if you bunged them all in at the start.

The rice can absorb up to 3 or 4 times its own volume of stock, so don’t use too much unless you want to be able to cut it into slices.

And now it’s almost 05.30, I haven’t had a millisecond of sleep, nor am I unduly tired. The recipe, unless I sleep through the day, will follow shortly, complete with links for the ingredients.

Watch this space…

6 thoughts on “A new recipe is on its way…

  1. Morning Ron. hope you had a good nights sleep. just letting you know, i tried the sausage casserole. mixed reactions. my sis didnt like it at all. i liked the different taste it gave the sausages though wasnt sure about the change in texture that seemed to have taken place. and i had added some flat mushrooms chopped up. they turned out lovely. did add some cider too ~(my neighbour gratefully finished that off for me as i dont drink these days.) gave him some too. he enjoyed it but said there was a taste there he couldnt identify told him what had gone into but he was none the wiser. all done in slow cooker.
    today im supposed to be doing a pork shoulder joint in the slow cooker. though when i am going to be able to get it all together i dont know. i tried searing the thing but the resulting smoke has set my chest off. in spite of the extractor fan and a normal stand fan cos of course it had even got into the lounge as its next to the kitchen. so now im wheezing like a good un here and coughing fit to bust..taken my ventolyn 2 x 2 puffs so far. (on top of the 2 puffs when i got up)……. so another thing i better not do in future. cant do nothing more till i can breath a bit better. outside doors open too.

    • Sear? That’s way too hot.

      All you need to do is brown it gently, over a medium heat, in a little butter and olive oil (the butter so it browns easily, the oil so the butter doesn’t burn). You just want the Maillard Reaction** – not clouds of smoke!

      **The chemical change that makes meat, and toast, among much else, go brown when heated.

      Don’t keep moving the meat around either – it slows the browning process. Just let it sit until it has a nice, golden, crust, then turn it.

      Just as stewed meat has a different texture to fried meat, so poached sausages have s different texture to fried ones. This is partly dictated by the amount of rusk (very absorbent). A high meat-content sausage, say about 95% will be firmer. Toulouse sausages or Bratwurst firmer still.

      As for the unidentifiable taste, I’m at a loss, unless it was the cider.

      • yep.i wondered too if it was the cider. i think some of the brands you mention for the recipe like the cider, the mushroom ketchup etc may only be available in your neck of the woods. im assuming different branches of supermarkets will hold different brands and different foods etc as i think people in different parts of the country possibly have differing tastes.(only guessing at that though), certainly our local sainsburies had no mushroom ketchup online at the store nearest me and i cannot afford to pay a lot out for stuff,especially cider so bought a cheapish pint bottle locally.Bob enjoyed it anyway.the remains that is.lol) (nice shaped bottle too,lol)

  2. decided to do it on high for 4 hours. the recipes ive found suggest 7-8 hours on slow but that means ill be eating a big dinner only about 3 hours before bedtime. i dont want to be going to bed on a stomach that full. so high for 4 hours it is and be damned if it aint as good as it would have been. have to work with what suits me and what i can do in the hours ive got. wont leave anything but fridge/freezer plugged in over night. this place is a death trap if ever there was a fire. window sills far too high for elderly /disabled people to get up to, plus windows only open 5/6 inch at most. would have to find toffee hammer to hit corner of window but if you cant get up onto the sill then why bother doing that? only one door at side of house.
    so cant start doing any prep etc till after breakfast.which is in region of 10-11am before i can get cracking. prefer to eat dinner at lunchtime too. that way my weight stays more or less stable. when i ate dinner at teatime 4-6pm , my weight shot up n stayed up. but once now and again a latish meal is fine. will let you know how it turns out. not sure how pork will affect me but i was ok on the chops the other week.

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