The Met’s proposed recruitment policy is defective…

The Metropolitan Police, it seems, are hell-bent on creating a force that is 50% white and 50% ethnic minorities. Nothing wrong with a little positive discrimination, you might think, but you’d be wrong – there is a lot wrong with it.

Just as with the selection of Prospective Parliamentary Candidates from pools that are all women, all men, all Asian, all white for that matter, or all George Galloway, it’s as wrong-headed as you can get.

A selection process, unless for gender-specific posts like nuns or monks, should have nothing to do with gender. Nor ethnicity.

There should be just one criterion for the selection of future MPs, or Met police cadets, or, really, any applicants for any posts anywhere and it’s not a very hard one to get one’s head around – they must be the best people available.

Nothing else matters. The successful candidate could be a black, one-legged, lesbian toad-juggler, just as long as their selection is because they are the best of the applicants, not because of some misperceived shortfall in the recruiting of black, one-legged, lesbian, toad-jugglers.

It really is that simple.

And while they’re at it, in the light of recent events the Met might want to reconsider its employment of right-wing thugs. Just a thought.


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    • Unbelievably, someone took that bit seriously, and started bitching about how capable disabled people could be!

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