Me versus the bean-counters…

I’m just a tad concerned about my promised profiling bed. It’s been requisitioned, but my worry is that in these days of cuts to everything, the bean-counters might step in and tell me to sod off.

That wouldn’t matter were it not for the fact that I have to get rid of my bed, with its rather nice and comfy memory foam mattress, ASAP, so the new bed can be installed as soon as it becomes available and, conceivably, I could wind up bedless. On the plus side I’d have a lot more room in the bedroom, which could become a den. I’d still need something to sleep on, though.

I’ve been assured that nobody will step in and cancel my new bed – I just wish I could be certain of that.

I offered my double bed to Age UK last week, and they simply can’t be arsed replying, even to say no thanks. So now I’m trying the British Heart Foundation. If they let me down, I’ll send the bugger to the tip as there simply isn’t room for two beds because my powerchair and scooter live in there too (worth bearing in mind that powerchairs and scooters like the same conditions you do – they don’t take kindly to cold, damp, sheds), along with a couple of thousand books and some camping gear, plus the assorted crapola that many of us accumulate when we don’t have a shed, or refuse to pay the council £20 to take a dead TV or computer away,

That’s because recycling needs a car! It also needs a big kitchen to accommodate the various bins, neither of which I have, so screw recycling – if you want me to participate, give me a bigger – and wheelie-friendly – flat.

But I digress. The reason I’m uneasy about the bean-counters is the amount of money already being spent on me by the district nurse service . Take my dressings today – both legs have to be dressed daily, sometimes twice a day, it takes 8 dressing pads per leg (absorbent to soak up the leakage), at £6 each (and yes, the NHS is being grossly ripped off in my view and an order for better, but even more expensive pads, has been kyboshed), plus a tubular mesh to hold them in place, a cotton wool bandage for cushioning, and a firmer – because the pads are heavy next day – tubular bandage to hold in all together, plus an assortment of unguents (labour costs aren’t a factor – they’re incurred whether I’m here or not). I’m not a cheap patient and bean-counters hate that.

Mind you, this condition will haunt me the rest of my life, so in terms of overall cost the bed probably pales into insignificance. And no matter who it’s allocated to, it still costs the same, so logically it might just  as well be me as not, I suppose.

Fingers crossed, anyway.

PS – I have an innate reluctance to revert to a single bed. An adult who willingly uses a single bed is, to me, saying “Sod it, I’m never gonna get laid again!”.


5 thoughts on “Me versus the bean-counters…

  1. your last comment made me smile Ron…. but i do know what you mean its like finally giving in and saying “im past it”. when they did my renovations they boxed all pipes in. looks better admitted (though cant help wondering how much work there would be if there was a leak anywhere). but it took 4 inches off both bedroom and lounge floor spaces. my 4foot 6 bed (which i had had to buy when i moved here cos king size one didnt fit)… would fit still but not with a bedside locker. which as you know you need for all the meds/ a lamp, your current reading matter etc. ~~~~(in my case a small 9inch diam fan too). soooooo new bed but still wouldnt go to a single. after all these years (and i shared a double with my sis for years…only using a single when i lived in at my training hosp), i bought a 4foot bed.. still room to spread myself over it if i want to. plus new smaller bedside locker but with 3 drawers not one and smaller dressing table. (both flat packs which needed 2 people to put together. thank god for my daughter and a neighbour. cos LA wont help these days.), in lounge had to exchange my big bed-settee for a small 2 seater settee and a recliner……….. so no room for visitors from further afield. isolating me still further.
    as for your legs, i can understand how you must be feeling (up to a point) an elderly friend is in same boat…she can no longer go out even when invited for Xmas to another friends, and my brother in law is also suffering from same thing. tho he does manage to drive shot distances. i.e. docs,hospital,to my daughters, here to drop my sis off sometimes. that wont be for much longer though. hes a bad diabetic. massively overweight and gradually losing his eyesight. .been told he will go blind eventually. they are monitoring him frequently and he has laser treatment every so often. dont know what they will do when that occurs. my sis had a stroke nearly 6 years ago. she recovered pretty well and says she will start driving again but to me her reactions arent fast enough and her mind flits. doesnt concentrate for long on anything. doesnt help knowing there are others i know. .just means though that i have a modicum of understanding about this leaky leg thing..
    off to docs myself this aft/ my legs are swelling with fluid.usually when this happens it goes after 2-3 weeks. but isnt doing this time. so time for a bit of help methinks.
    anyway chin up. oh and try scope (they are usually very good at collecting stuff..but phone them rather than rely on emails… or offer it on your local freecycle group. you can choose the day they pick it up.

    • My legs are on the mend – most of the leaks have dried up (soaking in potassium permanganate solution seems to be the answer). I managed to get out this morning, up to the village to get some cash from the ATM, and I could also wear trousers for the first time in a while, as the swelling has gone down a lot (and so it should, I’ve peed 4 litres already today – it’s measuring day – and it’s not yet noon!).

      • glad to hear your legs are getting better. maybe should mention the potassium permanganate treatment to my brother in law., nice to know you got out too. lovely weather here. am assuming it is your end too? i got to the park yesterday so enjoyed that. 4 litres??? that’s a heck of a lot of fluid. bet you’ve lost a stone getting rid of that lot. hoping they put me on diuretics to try combat this lot. ive put half a stone on since xmas but bet most of it is the fluid. bit disheartening when i had managed to get from 14stone 1lb to 12st 7lbs. just after Xmas 12st again. grrrr

  2. I recently reverted to a single bed. It means there’s more room for Lego and video games, both of which should help ensure I never get laid again.

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