The Government We Deserve?

Where the bloody hell is the frustrated, fearful, and entirely justifiable rage that all the cuts to benefits, and the pointlessly punitive sanctions for non-compliance with insane rules (or with no rules at all), the loss of access to justice for the poor, and the vindictive punishments for simply being sick, disabled, unemployed or just plain poor should be generating?

True, we bloggers and Twitterati fulminate about it on a regular basis but where is the rage in the population at large, in the many hundreds of thousands – soon to be millions – whose lives are being trashed?

Online rage seems to change little, and this government routinely ignores legitimate protest, aided and abetted in this by the right-wing press and the BBC (Bigotedly Broadcasting Crapola).

If what is happening here was happening in, say, France, there’d be bloody revolution on the streets.

In Britain the revolution will not be televised – not least because it has so far (and it’s getting bloody late, people), failed to happen.

Personally, I thought it would happen, as I’ve said, when Cameron decided it would be a good idea to toss out armed forces personnel of pension-qualifying age to save money, while at the same time recruiting unskilled and inexperienced cannon fodder from the ranks of the unemployed. After all, fucking with the people who have all the guns is traditionally  bad news. And what happened? Rhetoric happened – and bugger all else.

This is the country which once laid claim to around a third of the world (kiddies, check out second-hand bookshops for old –1950s or earlier – atlases, and see the extent of the pink areas). The legitimacy, or otherwise. of empire is not my concern right now – that we had the balls to usurp a huge chunk of the world is, and we seem to have mislaid our collective cojones – today, we’d be hard pressed to lay claim to an abandoned hot-dog stand.

“Praise the lord and pass the ammunition!” seems to have metamorphosed into a talking shop which shows no sign of winding down. We will, unless something changes drastically, and soon, be completely and utterly under the thumb of the tyrant. And don’t bank on 2015 to save us – as I explained here, that might not happen (and it looks less likely now than when I wrote it).

That’s what apathy, and waiting for someone else to do something, gets you. By which I mean that the number of people actively protesting is but a tiny part of the total number affected and able to protest. And yes, I concede that I’m not either – that’s because I’m too ill. I’ve been out of my flat just  once since September – I get breathless typing. There are a lot of people in my position – equally, there are a lot who are not.

It’s said that people get the government they deserve. High time we showed that we don’t deserve these corrupt, morally bankrupt, and evil bastards.


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    • Yep. I wrote that post a couple of days ago, and held it back because I thought it might anger people – but, of course, that’s just what they need!

        • The day Cameron announces that all disability benefits will be stopped, and the sick and disabled people who can’t be supported by their families, or have none, will be housed, clothed, fed and medicated in “surplus” hospitals, by the lowest bidder.

          Though apathy, and also antipathy towards the disabled cause, might well carry the day even then.

  1. Fantastic piece Ron, will just say that in Leicester (where traditionally we’re a quiet lot) there are actually a couple of new groups that ARE about taking ACTION & NOT talking; we’ll see how it goes

    All Best as always xx

  2. THING IS…IS IT DOING SO? i am sick of getting into discussions, some bordering on arguments with idiots telling people not to vote at all. admitted its a toss up whether we would get an honest MP (is there such a thing?) but surely if the bloke is untested how does anyone know what he and his lot will do if they get in. the conservatives gave no inkling of what was to come under their government, before they got in. and yes i can see why that would put people off altogether, not knowing who to trust. but surely owts better than what we have right now?ok it could turn out to be worse i agree. tell me. if everyone refused to vote in 2015 what exactly would happen?i get varying answers from …nothing… to the cons would get the votes.

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  4. Ok, the Tories have co-opted much media support and used every trick they can think of to stymie any meaningful challenge, up to and including a retrograde change in the law. Though I don’t think even they thought it would be so easy. Looking ahead, their biggest danger would appear to come from their own right or UKIP, or perhaps more likely the sheer ineptitude of their plans. Problem with either of those scenarios is that by then many ‘000s of people will have become collateral damage.

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  6. I don’t believe the apathy in people any longer – it’s gone past that to people who don’t care, are “I’m alright Jack” and to be honest, a load of bloody cowards. Good job this lot were not around for the second world war, they would have waved the white flag right away!
    Having said that, have you read about George Rolph –
    An amazing man who is on his 23rd day of hunger strike. Read his posts and see why he is doing what he is doing.
    There is also another man in Scotland on hunger strike, a soldier who fought for this country and is now disabled.
    All I ever hear now is moan, moan, moan, but no-one, except a very small amount (compared to the bigger picture) is prepared to do anything and that’s the saddest thing of all. If I could do more, I would do. I am writing on ribbons soon and will do my little bit that way ‘cos I’m so tired of saying the same thing over and over again. If the cowards won’t get off their erses and get the revolution going, what the hell else can we do?

    • That’s one reason I’ve mostly stopped writing about it – I’ve been at it since Labour were in power – they’re responsible for creating the current benefits shambles, and recruiting Atos, though they couldn’t have known they’d be out of office, or that IDS would turn murderous.

      The other thing is that I’m tired of seeing my words from years ago coming back at me with other people’s names on them – people who hadn’t even been heard of when I wrote them. Problem is they don’t use enough of my posts to prove plagiarism, so all I can do is change focus and stop providing the lazy bastards with material.

      And the number of times, on my blog, on newspaper and political websites, and other people’s blogs, that I’ve accused Cameron and IDS of being psychopaths, without evoking a response is frustrating! I think Cameron hates the disabled because we’re alive and, by his perverted standards, “prospering”, while Ivan is dead. It’s warped his mind.

  7. I am at a loss to understand why there is a single Conservative Club or Freemasons’ Lodge in the land which is not now a smoking ruin. Likewise, why have Tesco and Asda/Walmart stores still got any windows? How poor, hungry or oppressed do the people have to be before they organise and resist the politicians and capitalists that keep them down? Revolted peasants, Levellers, Rebekah rioters, Chartists and Suffragettes; these are our ancestors, and they would shake their heads in dismay at our spinelessness.
    Is there actually something in our water?

    • Apathy has been rampant for a long time. In the 70s I became a union activist pretty much by accident – no-one else wanted the post. They wanted the benefits that union membership brought them – nobody bar me was willing to put in the work to make sure it happened.

      Likewise, in 1980, I was elected vice-chairman of the Merseyside and North Wales branch of the Ramblers’ Association – I was nominated, entirely unexpectedly, and no-one stood against me, even though at that time nobody knew who the hell I was. Within weeks the chairman stood down and I took over for a couple of years, before my posts in my local group made too many demands on my time. I was, among other things, Footpaths Officer, a vital post in a rambling club yet, once again, nobody wanted it – they just wanted someone to complain to when a footpath was obstructed, then I had to drive out, walk it myself, identify it precisely by map reference and report it to the relevant local council, all of which had the bonus of getting me a day out in the countryside!

      Most of my life I seem to have filled posts no-one else wanted, starting when I was 19, as Press Secretary to the Bootle Quiz League (I also played for the world’s first-ever pub quiz team, the Mount Hotel, Bootle, for many years, before leaving to manage the team – and play – for Norwest Construction). And no, no-one at Norwest wanted the job!

      With few conspicuous exceptions, apathy appeared to be the default state of the public, who were happy as long as the job got done and they didn’t have to do it, and it’s got worse over the years.

      Something in the water? Makes you wonder – I certainly function better when I drink filtered water. Like today.

  8. Bootle! Yay, that’s where hubby is from, that’s where he was born and bred. He’s coming up to 53 but he knew loads of people as his dad was in the merchant navy, and then John, (hubby), worked on Pilot Launches after being on other Port of Liverpool boats. Sorry, off topic I know.
    This is another thing I can’t understand, you could always rely on the people of Liverpool to stand up unite against things like this that are going on, I can only think an awful lot of people either left the City or they’ve become a big victim to apathy…

  9. a very large proportion of those who appear apathetic as far as PHYSICALLY doing anything, are the terminally ill and disabled. that’s why they continually MOAN, as you put it. its frustration at not being able to do anything else themselves.other than sign petitions and rant. bring it to the forefront. its those more able who are needed to get a heart and fight for those less fortunate than THEY are, (those who it could and probably will happen to eventually). if its not illness and disability, its lack of money and having to find the next meal,money for heating, cooking, lighting, or the next bill. or having kids or family who are ill or disabled to look after. some cant be left for that length of time needed. add all those groups together and that’s one hell of a big group that cant for some reason, do anything but moan.
    e need to find people who have a heart, who care about the next person etc. but i fear thats just a dream.for every one we do find, there are 100s more who dont give a damn. hence poor turn outs at these demos etc.

    • a very large proportion of those who appear apathetic as far as PHYSICALLY doing anything, are the terminally ill and disabled. that’s why they continually MOAN, as you put it.

      Er, no I didn’t put it that way at all. And I also made the point about people being too ill to take part in protests/demos/whatever. I also said – and it’s true – that there are a hell of a lot who are perfectly capable, yet are doing nothing. This is what I actually said:-

      That’s what apathy, and waiting for someone else to do something, gets you. By which I mean that the number of people actively protesting is but a tiny part of the total number affected and able to protest. And yes, I concede that I’m not either – that’s because I’m too ill. I’ve been out of my flat just once since September – I get breathless typing. There are a lot of people in my position – equally, there are a lot who are not.

    • Maybe hugosmum70 is replying to me Ron? When I said that all I ever hear now is moan, moan, moan – was in reply to the able bodied as I always reply as a disabled person myself when we are on a subject like this. I just assumed you would realise that and for that I apologise. The disabled and long term sick, as well as the poor are the small amount I refer to against the larger group of able bodied. The ones who are moaning are the ones who could do more than moan but actually DO something like marches, demonstrations, start the revolution, but THEY won’t!

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