A Wheelie Good Idea…

For those unfamiliar with the term, a wheelie is a wheelchair user (a powerchair user is a power wheelie).

I’m experimenting with a way of improving handrim grip on my manual wheelchair, not least because it’s likely to feature rather a lot in my future.

I wear cyclists’ track mitts (simply known as fingerless mitts, or gloves, these days), as they are a fraction of the price of the IDENTICAL gloves often sold for wheelchair use (I’ve seen mitts that I paid a fiver for in my local bike shop going for in excess of £20 from rip-off merchants supplying the disabled community).

Currently I’m experimenting with using rosin, the stuff used by violinists and the like to improve bow friction. It comes in various grades, depending on the instrument played, from violin to bass fiddle, the latter being what I wanted. However, I couldn’t find it, and had to settle for cello rosin.

Initial results show that it needs a lot more rubbing than I expected to apply, but it does improve handrim grip without actually making the mitt sticky, though I suspect the latter might change on a wet day.

Still, it’s very cost-effective if it proves to be a viable, long-term solution, and well worth trying if you’d like more grip I got mine from Amazon, who sell most grades except bass fiddle. It comes in a small tin, wrapped in a cloth, which makes it easy to carry with you for topping up while out.