Why are Atos assessors so shy?

Bitching and whining about claimants who, entirely justifiably, want their deeply suspect Atos assessments recording, Employment Minister Mark Hoban wails piteously that “…Atos only has 52 recorders across the country to cope with more than 11,000 assessments a week.”. Source: Disability News Service

Which is the purest bovine ordure.

The number of claimants is entirely irrelevant to the number of recording devices needed. Despite Hoban’s cack-handed attempt to plant the idea that one per claimant is needed, no doubt successfully among Mail and Torygraph readers, it’s utter crap.

What’s needed is one machine per assessor – a vast difference – and given the positively mind-boggling sums this corrupt government of ours is shovelling into the Atos coffers, they can sure as hell afford to provide the machines, plus a backup machine (or two), in every centre.

Any assessor who resents being recorded, like this jerk here,  needs to consider their own motives** – after all, as the government has made perfectly clear vis-à-vis their intentions to spy on pretty much the entire population, if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing at all to worry about. And I, of course, have the utmost faith in them. *Innocent face*

Have you?

**And their future, as they need to be handed their P45s too.



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