My feet…

…and other bones.

This is a pic of my much abused feet. The nail discolouration is from potassium permanganate baths – the stuff is purple but dyes things brown. The whitish stuff is dead, or dying, skin.

My feet

Why am I showing you this. Well, to gross you out, of course!

No, not really, but the bones of my left leg are changing shape. The left one is healing, and the swelling has gone down a hell of a lot. The right is still a mess and very swollen. But look at the length of my left big toe, and compare it to the right – it’s longer. It wasn’t, before all this, but it is now. Ihave checked, based on the position of the joints, and the change is real, not an illusion occasioned by the swelling of my right foot. The other toes look longer too and the shape and positioning of both little toes has changed, especially the right, where the first joint has migrated down the side of my foot.

My left tib and fib, as I’ve said elsewhere (can’t show you that, it’s under the dressing), have also taken on a very pronounced curvature, and both legs have sprouted a hard, painful, lump on the tibia, just below the head. The right one is big enough to show through the skin and aches ferociously, the left one is just getting under way, and only hurts badly if poked.

What new hell is this then? Whatever it is it needs an x-ray at the very least.

The thing is, I can find no record of bone changes in the lymphoedema literature, nor in any of the crapola that accompanies it, which I also have.

It looks like adult-onset rickets, but I take a hefty D3 supplement daily, so it can’t be that, and the other things that cause changes in bone structure are much more ominous than rickets, so I have to find out, and pretty quickly.

Watch this space…

And yes, I AM starting to feel like the victim of some cosmic plot. FFS, how many things can one person have wrong with them? I’ve got enough crap to keep 4 or 5 people on benefits forever!

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  1. hmm.sorry to hear this Ron. as if you aint got enough on your plate. couple of years ago i went on a downer because i felt too many things were happening too often and i couldn’t cope. seemed that every time i saw my doc they had found something new out about my ageing body. i elected to have CBT,(which did help albeit after i had almost cured myself of the depression as it took almost 9 months to get appointments) but meanwhile I remembered an old adage someone told me once. if somethings bothering you, write it down………so i did. i wrote every goddam condition down that i had been told i had from the age of 40 (when my first condition, under-active thyroid, showed its face. turned out i had 26 different conditions.some very minor some potentially very major. either to my life or the quality of it. amazing how much better i felt to know i wasn’t imagining it. and i finally could say…”no wonder i felt so overwhelmed”. i was then more able to put them all in perspective and didn’t feel they were half as bad as i had done previously. (had another condition added to that this year.the IBS, so now the grand total is 27),think i am heading for the Guinness book of records yet?lololol.
    Hope you find out why your getting this new problem and what it is.

    • Pretty sure I know what’s causing the pain, though, if nothing else. At night, with my legs elevated, the fluid runs back out of my legs into my body, and, wherever it is, it’s added to during the night by more fluid trying to get to my legs. Then, when I get up in the morning, it all pours into my legs – so much of it that there’s just no room for it – hence the pain.

      Mu feet are also sprouting black or dark brown marks that look like melanomas. That wants looking at, too.

      On the plus side, I was put on morphine today, and not before time. Doc said one or two caps every 12 hours. Started with one, as it’s very much an unknown quantity, and according to the information sheet there are 8 or 9 ways it could harm me. It hasn’t, but neither has it had any effect on my leg. My killer headache, though, which has been getting steadily worse, has gone, mostly. My eye is still watering, and vision blurred, so whatever was going on in there still is, but at least there’s very little pain.

      This morning, the pain was so bad, I just sat and cried – and came very, very, close to pulling the plug. Between getting up at 07.30, and midday I took 200mg Tramadol, 2000mg Paracetamol, 60mg DHC and 400mg Naproxen and barely put a dent in the pain.

      • that’s one hell of a lot of painkillers. in 4 and half hours. hope the morphine works for you.. you’ve also,possibly, given me the answer as to why my feet swell up. more at night and nothing like as bad as yours sounded to have been…I eat very little protein. not being a meat ,egg or pulse lover.(by meat i mean pork.beef or lamb. ) and fish is expensive so cant afford that very often,Ive gone back to the Wiltshire farm foods. at least i was maintaining the gradual weight loss on those. i have gained half a stone since Xmas.i suspect eating too many carbs.and no protein as such to metabolize the not getting out as much/ everything costs so much more now. (i want to know how a take way outlet at Scarborough where my nephew took me 2 weeks ago, can make a delicious,perfectly made, jacket spud with loads of grated cheese for £2.75 while inland ,here where i live, one not quite as well done (no taking innards out,mashing with butter and cheese before putting back in potato skin,as the Scarborough one was done) yet they charge £4.10p.
        i have docs apt on Friday re the IBS so i will be asking her what she thinks. cos if it is that it should be easily remedied, just have to force myself to stick some veg and chicken breast etc into slow cooker,or some eggs into the egg boiler but i cannot do without my weight watchers bread entirely.
        question for you..unrelated in a way. and only if your up to it……….. how long do dried herbs last if kept in airtight bottle in a cupboard? its been suggested that its forever but im not so sure.

        • Dried herbs – 6 months tops (there’s sufficient air in the bottle to oxidise them), then throw them out. Best to buy Schwartz refill packs – contains 2 Cellophane packets, Cellophane is impermeable, so use one and leave the other sealed. Unopened they’ll keep in good condition until the BBE date.

          Spuds – and butter and cheese – are cheap at trade prices, so £2.75 is a decent price. £4.10 is tad over-ambitious.

          • thanks.TE: herbs and thats what i thought re jacket spuds.was nice to get one that had been prepared more or less properly. i.e. as i had been taught at school. er er er er years except we were taught to stick under grill so cheese was melted and golden and nowhere near as much cheese was put on as either of the 2 examples above. again preferred the Scarborough one for that too. cheese had been grated to a more manageable thickness.whereas the local one was so fine a lot got left as was far too fine to pick up the last third as it was scattered around the plate by time i got to it.oh well. nm. live n

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