Leg protection for wheelchair users, especially with Lymphoedema…

Though not restricted to Lymphoedema. In my long experience wheelchairs have many ways of knocking lumps out of your shins! Using my powerchair, for example, or my Quickie Ti manual, in the event of a collision, the knees and shins bear the brunt of the impact. Not that collisions are all that frequent, but it only needs one to take the shine off your day. Or week.

Although my plan to go to the pub today turned to ashes, I still have hopes (with light at the end of the tunnel I no longer feel as suicidal as I did). And it occurred to me that folding and unfolding my new wheelchair, and putting it in and out of a taxi, carried a risk of further damaging my already buggered legs.

In addition, the system I came up with for carrying stuff on wheelchairs can now put undue pressure on my legs, especially when carrying bin bags with their often hard and lumpy contents.

The solution came in the form of motocross knee/shin protectors. There’s a model to suit all tastes – these are mine:-


Click the image to go to the website.

Note that while it doesn’t say so, they are supplied in pairs.

To see the full range, go here.

Going back to Lymphoedema, if your legs are particularly swollen, or heavily bandaged, you might want to check these out. They are much more flexible and will fit a wider range of legs. These were my first pair, but I didn’t like the rather dull style – if you need to wear these things, you might as well make a statement; these are what I really wanted, but too expensive.

A couple of tips: make sure they’re secured by elastic straps, not a sock through which you have to insert your leg, and if the straps are too short they can be extended using self-adhesive Velcro. If you need advice with that, well, you know where I am.


7 thoughts on “Leg protection for wheelchair users, especially with Lymphoedema…

    • Yep, he always wore something similar – that’s what gave me the idea. Given his fondness for leather, and, if memory serves, biker boots, I always felt they were more a style thing than functional.

    • They can go under trousers as easily as over and, in winter, will provide valuable insulation, blocking wind chill almost completely from the knees down.

    • And that might well be sooner than I expected even this morning. The staff nurse’s idea of taking both my old pain meds and new works brilliantly. Still got more pain that I’m happy with but, then, I usually have anyway, but at least I can function normally again and no longer have the urge to kill myself (and that’s because I wasn’t depressed, I was desperate to escape the pain – big difference). I think my normally insensitive GP realised that, as he never once mentioned antidepressants.

      For some reason, I’m not getting much in the way of side-effects from either the morphine or Gabapentin though, for the latter, there’s still time. They do seem to have messed up my typing, though!

      The annoying thing is that, while in hospital, hassling for more effective analgesia, I suggested Gabapentin because I know so many people who take it with good results, but I was told it was totally unsuitable. Clearly they were wrong

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