Kindle Fire HD – First impressions…

Great screen (eat yer heart out, Apple), reasonable weight, BUT the much-vaunted Dolby sound is – well – not as good as it should be. Too much treble, no perceptible base and – when playing from the Cloud rather than a download, no equaliser. Whether or not things change for downloaded music remains to be seen. My guess is not, in which case, Amazon, this would be a major FUBAR. The volume control is incredibly crude too – most of the scale yields nothing but silence.

It’s on charge at the moment as the battery, about 75% charged on receipt, is diminishing almost visibly. This should improve with use – batteries need to be discharged and recharged 5 or 6 times before reaching their full capacity – and it had better improve as currently it bodes ill for the claimed 11 hours use (one of the reasons I bought it).

Amazon, though, have not seen fit to put in an external charging light, as they have on previous Kindle’s, so there is no way of knowing, without firing it up, whether or not the buggerdly thing is charging or charged. Amazon, this is seriously stupid and penny-pinching and whoever made the decision to omit a charging light needs their arse kicking, at the very least.

By the way, Amazon will happily sell you a screen protector for an extremely ambitious £17+ but the screen is Gorilla Glass, and doesn’t need one (not unless you’re staggeringly ham-fisted, or buying it for a small child). If you feel you must have one, shop around.

The Kindle Fire HD 7″ Standing Leather** Cover, is similar to that offered for the Kindle Paperwhite, but lacks the pointless rubber edging, which, on mine, is degrading rapidly. It does its job – nothing more can be asked of it. Oh, and it’s much easier to remove from the case than the Paperwhite, which needs the assistance of two defunct credit cards to pry it loose.

**Polyurethane, or other synthetic, quite obviously (you can see the repetition in the moulded grain – no cow ever grew this), as is the case with my other Kindles (K3, Paperwhite). Why Amazon insist on claiming it’s leather – and I challenged them on this when I got the K3 case (no response) – is a mystery.

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2 thoughts on “Kindle Fire HD – First impressions…

  1. Bless Ron, you and your kindles 🙂 You’ve got quite a collection there but know that you are using each one for different things.

    • I’m a gadget freak – I’ve got an iPad and an Android tablet, too, not to mention a smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S3), a laptop and Netbook, as well as this desktop machine. And an Internet-connected TV plus an X-box 360. A boy needs his toys! And don’t get me started on cameras . . .

      Only got 3 Kindles, by the way, but there’s time yet 😉

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