Diet time again – Oh joy!

My diet started today as I’ve gained 5kg and discovered that my “snack lunch” is around 1,300kcals! Of the 2 small pork pies, a couple of pickled eggs and some home-made pickles (beetroot, cucumber, red onion), the damage is done by the pies which account for over 1,000kcals.

On a different, but not unrelated note, I weighed my used dressings yesterday and they came to just 3kgs. Given that, dry, dressings weigh very little, that’s a loss of fluid from my right leg alone of almost 3 litres a day (1 litre = 1 kg) due to bilateral lymphoedema (the leak in my left leg is currently minimal).

Given the loss from urine, about another 4 litres a day if my diuretics are doing their thing, that’s a loss of 7 litres, or 12.3 pints, a day. That’s not sustainable, and impossible to make up. If this keeps up I estimate I’ll be running at an average deficit of 4 to 5 pints a day, which is seriously bad news.

What’s also not sustainable is the loss of protein, never mind electrolytes and simple liquid, in the lymphatic fluid lost from my leg. I was replacing this by eating a high-protein diet, as recommended by the hospital, but high protein, unless you eat the finest lean meat, which I can’t afford, means something processed. And anyway, no matter how hard I try, I can’t compete with losses on this scale without mainlining steak! Even then it’d be a close-run thing. It’s also difficult to get enough protein while dieting to lose weight.

I tried cold cuts – dire and very inconsistent – and a variety of other things, before settling on pork pies which give a decent protein hit. Of course, being piggy, they’re also high in fat and calories, the consequences of which is where we came in. Eggs aren’t bad, either, and pickling them saves cooking at lunchtime (see below).

From now on it’s one pie or 2 pickled eggs (the eggs maybe plus a bit of cheese, which is what I’m having today), with pickles (today, beetroot). Not both pies and eggs any longer.

I could eat more eggs – about 100kcals each there’s scope – but they’re constipating, and I don’t need anything else; I have drugs for that!

I must look more closely at fish, though I’d prefer to not have to cook at lunchtimes, seeing that cooking is a premium-spoons activity and not always possible. Fish is also an expensive option.

The focus on pickles, by the way, is because I’m losing my sense of taste – it might be meds-related, I really have no idea – the intensity of the pickles helps to bring it back; a paper-thin slice of mustard-pickled cucumber, draped over a slice of pork pie, enhances it wonderfully.

Oh, and I have an unfortunate habit of typing eggses. If any slip by me uncorrected, all complaints to the estate of the late J.R.R. Tolkien, please. Give Christopher something else to do besides making money off the back of his old man.

7 thoughts on “Diet time again – Oh joy!

  1. Few suggestions:- First ask GP to ref you to dietican? Get some help Ron.

    Cod in parsley sauce, just checked Asda have x4 portions for £3.Used to like when I ate fish/meat.
    Increase protein through Cottage cheese, keep fit expert told me that one.
    Add more fruit, I know it can be expensive, but if you stick to things in season? Apples good (keep them in the fridge).
    Keep bag of nuts in cupboard for snacking (typed nits there! Again Mr Asda has 500g bag of mixed nuts & fruit for £2, really jolly nice; lots of Brazil nuts etc
    All best wishes

  2. Hi Ron, ive started eating smoked Basa. one branch of morrisons sells it in our area, though not the nearest or the ones we tend to frequent. one of the latter does have Basa but not the smoked variety. my nephew gets it for me when he sees it at the branch he goes to, too far away for me. but at £2 for 2 fillets, works out quite cheap .i cook it in enough milk to cover with sea salt, black pepper and parsley. dried or fresh. make a sauce out of the liquid when fish is cooked using cornflour and with one of the rice fusions variety (£1.75 for 2 portions and 2 minutes in microwave for that.) its not bad.i know its a foreign fish and havent tried it unsmoked, but i do like the smoked one. makes me 2 meals for £3.75…less than £2 a meal.and around 20minutes to cook all told. would never have thought of buying it if i hadnt had some at my nephews once.

    • Basa is a terrible fish. A farmed South East Asian river catfish, also sold as River Cobbler, what it tastes of is essentially nothing, which is why you so often see it sold flavoured or, in your case, smoked.

      Try Tilapia if you come across it. It’s an African fish, also widely farmed and not expensive, but unlike Basa it’s actually quite tasty – I fry it just in butter and olive oil and serve it with a herby fresh tomato sauce.

  3. Mine starts tomorrow Ron 😦 I know the reason for me putting on so much weight, it’s because for nearly ten months I was unable to move around, that puts the weight on. Then I had the amputation and it restricted my activities, even though I could start walking somewhat (DWP snoops – I can’t walk far without needing to rest the leg). Now that the leg has gone too loose I am going backwards again – luckily enough, I am due to get my new leg on the 1st August 🙂 It’s going to take time again to get used to but at least I’ll be able to drive better and maybe walk a little better as well.
    I’m sticking to chicken, cheese, egg or quiche salad and hadn’t thought about pork pies, so thanks for that Ron 🙂 I’ll still be having my porridge and 2 slices of Nimble toast every morning (nearer to lunchtime as I can’t eat for a few hours when I first get up).
    As for your fluid loss Ron – good grief, that’s one heck of a lot loose each day! I don’t know how the heck you cope with it!
    Have you thought about protein drinks Ron? Obviously you need lots of protein, but you also need calories to be a wee bit lower to stop the weight going back on again. What type of diet you are starting seems great to me (‘cept looking into fish – yuck! I only like them breaded), and I will be following your diet hints very closely 🙂

    • Protein supplements would cost about £25-£30 a week – out of the question. I’ve got a load of Quorn in the freezer, at 14% protein it’s about as high as you can get, so there’ll be a few recipes coming up. Sainsbury’s Basics pork pies are better than Tesco’s Everyday ones (twice as much meat).

      Quorn pies are rubbish (there’s a review on my blog), but I’m thinking of getting an electric pie maker and making my own with better flavourings (as you might have gathered, I like pies!), and short pastry, not flaky.

      I’ve got a recipe from years ago for braised soya burgers that I’m going to try with Quorn burgers. I’ve also started putting up complete meals for the freezer – takes very little more effort – just boil some spuds or deep-fry some roasties.

      Right, gotta go – nearly half past two and I should be in bed!

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