Pea soup, vegetarian sausages, and other animals…

I made a pot of rather good pea soup a couple of days ago and while, of late, I’ve got into the habit of making notes as I go along, I reverted to type and this one was just thrown together on the fly. This is how I’ve cooked for most of my life. Not saying it has any particular merit, other than it works for me and has the virtue that I’m not going to cock something up while distracted with note-taking.

Anyway, I like pea soup, but green split peas – and this seems to be a world-wide problem based on admittedly limited feedback to my blog post on the subject – simply will not cook properly these days, becoming a gritty, green, sludge instead of a smooth purée. So I thought I’d use frozen peas instead.

There are many recipes for such soup, embracing entire spectra of complexity and pretentiousness, but I wanted simplicity and flavour – that’s all a good soup needs. This is mine; Continue reading

Should government provide computers and broadband?

Yesterday afternoon I spotted this gem:-

“Government should do more to get ‘marginalised’ older people online.”

To which I should like to respond with a few questions:-

What business is it of government?

Who decides they’re “marginalised”? This isn’t simply a function of ageing. Nor, indeed, is it necessarily much to do with not being online – marginalisation can take many forms.

And who says they want to be online in the first place?

I know many people older than me who have been involved with PCs since the dark days of MS-DOS,** and earlier (and whether you think Bill Gates is a saint or a sinner, there’s no denying Continue reading

Medication Buggeration, Part 978…

A couple of days ago I got a meds delivery, accompanied by – these days – a not unusual terse note from the prescribing GP (who is becoming a total pain in the butt, frankly). I’d love to go down there and dish out the bollocking he deserves, and I’m sure that’s what he’s hoping for, as he can then dump an expensive patient for “verbal violence”.

Among the meds I’d asked for was codeine linctus, and it was the one which generated the snotty note which said:-

“I’m not happy to give MORE strong opiates alongside high-dose morphine AND Tramadol.”

This struck me as perverse, not least because Continue reading

Unpredictable analgesia…

My GP has focused my pain meds entirely on morphine now – 60mg Zomorph every 12 hours, interspersed with 5 or 10ml Oramorph at need but no more than every 4 to  6 hours.

It’s a reasonably effective strategy, but with room for improvement, but he’s changed drugs so unpredictably of late I worry about relying too much upon a single drug lest the bugger changes his mind again. I’m also reluctant to discuss any problems I’m having as I have no desire to provoke him into another change – I need Continue reading

You know, sometimes I feel cursed…

I was very ill last Tuesday, and in dreadful pain, so the nurse phoned the surgery to say I needed to see a doctor urgently. What I got, instead, was a phone call, during which I was told that the drugs prescribed only the previous week – by the same doctor – were completely  inappropriate.

I mean, in all seriousness, WTAF? Continue reading

Quorn Sausages, Beans and Fried Potatoes.

Well, I promised some recipes, so I suppose I’d better make good. The first one is for a batch of 4 ready meals, Quorn Sausages with baked beans and deep-fried potatoes (no, not chips).

I don’t particularly like Quorn in any form so why, I hear you asking, am I cooking the bloody stuff? Simple – it’s high in protein, and I need that right now to counter the protein being lost from my still-leaking legs, so off we go.

You’ll need:- Continue reading

The Placebo Effect is alive and well…

Got up this morning at 07.00, feeling quite good, knew I’d taken my meds and – for once – they were working as they should, with pain reasonably well controlled and everything else ticking over nicely.

Fired up the PC, logged into Twitter,said hi to a couple of tweeps and – oops, forgot the rest. Sorry folks, nothing personal. Checked my email – I have no idea how I stand so much excitement!

Hit the kitchen, to make a batch of Continue reading

Do GPs really not know what they’re doing?

In Pulse today there is a survey of GP to see how many are stressed enough to seek help. Those who did amount to 12% of those surveyed. ( ).

So 12% said yes, 86% said no, they didn’t seek help (which, of course, is not at all the same thing as not needing help), and the next bit of the survey I find absolutely Continue reading