Sorting out the Buggeration!

This morning, following on from yesterday’s medication cock-up – I wonder when my doctors will realise it’s their job to help me through this mess, not to further fuck up my life? – I was moved to tweet this (slightly modified for clarity as it’s now out of its timeline):-

Morning all… Hurting like a bastard with only a half-dose of Gabapentin (taken at 05.00),  thanks to GP receptionist fuckwit.

Taken 60mg morphine at 08.00 but sustained release so not hoping for bloody much. Also taken 50mg Tramadol, and screw the consequences, plus 200mg Naproxen in the hope one or both will still act as a facilitator for the morphine.  This, in view of the half-dose of Gaba in my system, which might also benefit, represents a half-dose of both Tramadol and Naproxen.

Really shouldn’t have to make it up as I go along like this, though – bloody good job I, at least, have confidence in me! (end)


Well, either the Tramadol or Naproxen – or both – was sufficient to ramp up the half-dose of Gaba and the morphine to a useful level. Could be better but I can live with it.

At 05.00 today, along with my other meds (see below), I also took 60mg of DHC which, not too surprisingly, did little (conventional analgesics seem to have zero effect on the Lymphoedema pain, at least for me – anyone else out there have this problem?), so while I accepted the DHC as better than nothing, in the event, it wasn’t. Like Tramadol, it’s good for my established pain (i.e. pain that pre-dates the Lymphoedema), so as I won’t – officially at least – be getting any more Tramadol, I’ll add DHC to the mix to tackle my “old” pain.

05.00 meds.  As is the case with many patients, this is the largest single intake of the day, 15 tabs and caps, from a daily total of 63. Life is fun in Spoonieland!

600mg Gabapentin (anti-epileptic, also used to treat neuropathic pain)

2.5mg Nebivolol (beta-blocker)

450mg Phyllocontin Continus (bronchodilator)

20mg Omeprazole (Proton Pump Inhibitor)

1g Amoxicillin (antibiotic)

60mg DHC (Dihydrocodeine – analgesic)

100mg Potassium (to stabilise my heart)

80mg Furosemide (diuretic – Lasix in US)

10mg Hydrocortisone (the reason for the PPI – can cause gastric bleeding, compensates for adrenal gland failure)

100mg Thiamine (compensates for deficiency)


As I’m sure you understand, in a witch’s brew like that it’s very hard to figure out individual drug effects, which is why I tried to assess the benefits of Tramadol and Naproxen at 08.00, with just morphine in play.

As a result I’ll continue, as long as my illicit supply holds out, to use a small dose of Tramadol to trigger the benefits of morphine and Gaba, and also try to confirm whether or not Naproxen has the same effect. I think it does but it would be nice to be certain.

But here’s a thought. One of the problems with taking Tramadol with morphine is that it can – that troublesome word again – cause seizures. So was it that which, on two occasions, has sent me crashing to the floor from my computer chair and not, as I thought, the effects of Gaba on being over-tired? Not impossible and will bear watching, though I shall continue to go to bed earlier