Do GPs really not know what they’re doing?

In Pulse today there is a survey of GP to see how many are stressed enough to seek help. Those who did amount to 12% of those surveyed. ( ).

So 12% said yes, 86% said no, they didn’t seek help (which, of course, is not at all the same thing as not needing help), and the next bit of the survey I find absolutely terrifying – 2% don’t know.

How, in the holy name of Asclepios, can you not know if you’ve sought help for stress, or anything else for that matter? Would these same people not know if they’d wandered down the road for a takeaway or a quick pint? Or a hooker? (Well, OK, they’d probably claim to forget that.) Or forget they had a patient wired up to an ECG, put their coats on and go home, as has happened with me?

Extrapolate this 2% of an admittedly small response across the whole GP population, and it strongly suggests there are a whole lot of GPs who have no real idea what they’re doing in their own lives. So what does this say for the quality of treatment their patients are getting?

Perhaps these dopey GPs need monitoring closely? Me? I’d fire their arses, I really would – if they are so confused they don’t know what’s happening in their own lives, I would respectfully suggest that they are not competent to get involved in the lives of their patients.

2 thoughts on “Do GPs really not know what they’re doing?

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  2. I used to be a medical secretary for the NHS – I worked for the Health Promotion Unit but was also the senior secretary for the hospital psychiatrist who dealt with NHS staff only. I could tell you stories that would make your hair curl but I still believe in the document I signed about confidentiality. I swore an oath and could never break that, however, I know that many, many nurses, doctors etc. do 😦

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