Warning: Kindle Fire HD 7”.

If you have one, especially with a case/cover that has a magnet built in to it operate the Fire’s on/off switch, never put any electronic device on top of it – there’s every chance it’ll turn the Fire on and run the battery down.

In my case, the TV remote was enough to do it overnight. When I picked it up this morning the Fire was warm and the battery down to 26% so it had obviously been on all night, even though the cover was closed and should have been off. I’m sure the remote somehow overrode the cover’s magnet and turned on the Fire.

Obviously it’s not a massive problem – just keep other gadgets away from it, especially when packing for travelling. You could, of course, use the built-in on/off button – that should solve the problem.

If you’re thinking of buying one, the high-speed charger is worth getting. It’s not worth the cost, I must say that, but what is these days? Without it, using any other USB charger (not iPad**), or your PC, the damn thing will take half a day to recharge – possibly. There’s no way of knowing if it’s charged, or even charging, as there’s no indicator light – you have to open it up, start it, and check the battery gauge to see how it’s doing, and for such a half-arsed design there is absolutely no excuse.

**Possibly not anyway – there no indication of power output on the high-speed charger – no information of any kind, in fact and I’m not sure that’s even legal. Every charger I have has its input and output printed on it, as well as other info relating to its power consumption. The Fire charger has nothing at all. The iPad charger puts out 10W, double what a computer USB port puts out. The Amazon charger clearly puts out more than 5W, but how much more is a secret, presumably so no-one is tempted say sod it, and use their iPad charger instead. Is it worth the risk? No, I’d say not, though I strongly suspect there is no risk.

Sooner or later someone with more electronic know-how than me will test the thing, and Amazon’s cover will be blown.

UPDATE: Amazon’s website actually gives the output as 9W – and do I feel foolish! I’m still not convinced that it’s as fast  claimed though, so watch this space.

By the way, the charger has taken over an hour to increase the battery’s charge by 20%, High-speed my pale, white, arse!

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  1. My Kindle Fire’s on/off button goes orange when it’s charging and turns green when fully charged. I use my smartphone’s charger, and it takes a couple of hours to fully charge, which is just as well as the wi-fi runs the battery down like nothing on earth.

    • Hmm . . . I did wonder why so many had been returned that they could have their own dedicated section – they much have a lot, and that wi-fi might be the answer. If it’s a major problem, send it back. Or keep the wi-fi turned off when it’s not actually in use if you’re happy with it otherwise. Has it got a decent screen?

      I keep wi-fi on permanently on all my Kindles, and it has minimal effect on battery life. except maybe the Paperwhite, though it’s hard to tell because the light is always on, too.

      I’ve pulled the Fire out of its case, so I can see the button, but it does nothing – it’s just a lump of black plastic.

      I’m thinking of signing up for Amazon Prime. It’s £49 a year, which gets me free next-day delivery, unlimited free books on Kindle (on loan, not permanent). Given the amount of stuff I buy from Amazon, it should pay for itself in free delivery, never mind the books.

      • I’m not all that bothered about the battery, as I’ve got a charger by my bed and my chair, and these are the two places you’ll normally find me.

        I’ve been a Prime member for a couple of years now. The next day delivery was great until about a year ago, when it started being erratic. If the goods are delivered by Royal Mail, you might get them next day, but don’t bank on it. I love when they use DPD, as you can track where the van is on their new system.

        The free books on loan would be great if you could get more than one book a month, but even if you return one during the current month, you still have to wait until the 1st of the following month before you can borrow another book. As I can get through a book every couple of days, that’s a bit of a bummer.

        • Not happy about the books – must go to their website and check the small print. Still reckon it’d pay for itself in delivery charges though.

        • Gotta love this ” as frequently as a book a month”. They don’t really understand people who read at all – odd since the business was built on books. If I didn’t have this computer I’d get through a book a day without much trouble.

          • The £49 definitely covers the delivery charges, and you can add members of your family to it too, which saves them delivery costs, although I know that you don’t have family to do that.

            I’m like you Ron. If it wasn’t for being on the computer most of the day, I’d get through a book a day too.

            • Well, the plunge has been taken – we’ll see how it works out. And I definitely need to read more, I’m spending too much time online. And – perversely – I need to write more too. It’s getting really hard to write since I was in hospital. I think I did more damage than I, or anyone else, realised.

              I used to be able to sit at my keyboard and the words would just come. Doesn’t happen any more – there are no words, just a great echoing void. The words that used to flow so easily have to be fought for, one at a time. I don’t understand it and I don’t know how to deal with it.

              • It could be the meds causing the problem with words. In fact, when I think about it, when I started on Tramadol and then Gaba, was when I stopped on Twitter as I couldn’t think of anything to say. I know that’s not in the same league as your blog, by a long mark, but you get my gist.

                • You could be right, I suppose. God knows there are more than enough problems associated with Gaba to account for almost anything.

                  I’ll stop it for a while, see if things improve. If they don’t I’m buggered – of all the things I used to be able to do, writing was all that was left. Without that, nothing is left and everything is just futile.

                    • Thanks Tricia.

                      I might have to give up on Gaba anyway. It’s causing huge weight gain which is apparently a no-no and I have to notify my GP. So, no sooner do I get it beaten into submission, than I’ll have to stop taking it.

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