You know, sometimes I feel cursed…

I was very ill last Tuesday, and in dreadful pain, so the nurse phoned the surgery to say I needed to see a doctor urgently. What I got, instead, was a phone call, during which I was told that the drugs prescribed only the previous week – by the same doctor – were completely  inappropriate.

I mean, in all seriousness, WTAF?

So he scrubbed everything and just went with morphine, and lots of it. Zomorph for its long-acting effect and a load of Oramorph for its rapid action. How useful that’s going to be I have serious doubts, considering how lousy I’ve felt today (because I overslept and forgot all my early-morning meds).

What I have most trouble getting my head around, though, is a doctor who can prescribe drugs one week and decide, apparently arbitrarily, a week later, that he got it hopelessly wrong (did he, in fact, completely forget he’d prescribed them?  He also instructed  me that, when it came to the Oramorph, I should not bugger about with a tiny dose like 2.5ml – the dose his colleague had prescribed – but go with a dose that actually worked, like 10ml. He didn’t seem unhappy when I told him I’d done just that. The downside is that the 2.5ml guy probably now hates me!

Oh well…

As for what made me ill in the first place, that was an antibiotic, Doxycycline, which was forgotten in my GP’s sudden urge to change my meds yet again! My hideous, festering, leg was swabbed a week previously, and as the Arrowe Park Path Lab never fails to come up with a drug that takes a violent dislike to me, I simply assumed that this was just the latest instalment. However, talking to the Staff Nurse turned up an interesting fact – the swab had tested negative. Two things derive from that. First, how is that even possible when my leg stinks like something long dead? Everybody, including the Tissue Viability Nurse, was certain it was infected. And, if I accept that it did happen, who would issue a script as the result of a negative test? In my long experience, nobody.

So either the Staff  Nurse was wrong, or one of the doctors felt as I do, that getting a negative result was impossible. Either way, it was the Doxy that trashed my system. A shame, really, because it normally doesn’t and it would probably have been my choice.