Spicy fish in a chilli/cheese sauce with butter beans…

For those missing out on the dubious joys of this informal series, it usually manifests itself as bottom-of-the-fridge soup. This is a tad different – a bottom-of-the-freezer recipe.

You’ll need:-

300g or so of Alaskan pollack, trimmed, pin-boned and cut into bite-size pieces, dusted with seasoned flour (salt, pepper, sweet paprika to taste), fried golden in olive oil and butter, set aside and kept warm.

This is the surviving pack of the most raggedy-arsed “fillets” you are ever likely to encounter, from Ocado, that I bought a few weeks ago. Fine for something rough and ready, like this – just don’t waste any time on getting ambitious with the stuff.

You’ll also need (weights are approximate, depending on what you have, but be aware that the basic concept might cause Weight-Watchers to stroke out!):-

75g butter

3 cans Napolina butter beans, rinsed and drained

100g mature Cheddar, coarsely grated or chopped

2 tablespoons (or more, to taste), Encona Thai sweet chilli dipping sauce

Fine sea salt and white pepper to taste


Melt the butter, add the beans and gently heat through. Stir in the cheese and melt – keep stirring over a very low heat so it doesn’t stick to the pan and burn – it should be the thickness of double cream(ish). Add the sweet chilli sauce, stir, taste, and season if/as required (the cheese might well be salty enough).

Fold in the fried fish, gently, so it doesn’t break up, and heat through.

Serves two or three with soft, home-made, rolls to mop up any surplus sauce and maybe a splash of ketchup if the fancy takes you.

Or even more sweet chilli sauce…

And if you want a veggie version, omit the fish and substitute spiced and fried butternut squash instead (buy it pre-prepped).

Being simplicity itself, it gets just one Spoonie spoon.

spoonie spoon


This is excellent. It would, though, be better with a much firmer fish, like hake. As the point is to use up food rather than waste it, I can live with that but at some point in the future I shall make this again, with the harder to obtain hake (more expensive too), properly weighed out and formalised – it’ll be worth it.



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    • Both Tesco and Sainsbury’s do packs of pre-prepped butternut squash and sweet potato, which would be good instead of the fish. Either version gives a big flavour hit.

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