Proposed carrier-bag charge from 2015.

Does Cleggy, the Plastic Bag Tsar-elect, ever think any policy, through to its conclusion? I’ve no objection to the proposed 5p per bag surcharge/tax on carrier-bags as, even when I was able to, I didn’t use them, but even for a coalition effort, staggeringly little thought seems to have gone into it.

These days, though, I shop exclusively online (I’m housebound), and my groceries are delivered in carrier bags, for which there are sound reasons, not least the speed with which the produce can be transferred from the delivery guy’s possession to mine,  enabling him to be on his way again quickly. Thus deliveries further down the line from me aren’t delayed, and I get to re-use the plastic bags for refuse disposal.

Everybody wins.

Except in 2015, when I’ll have to pay 5p per bag.

Of course, it’s always been possible to have groceries delivered without bags, but I have no idea how that works other than that, inevitably, it would be a lot slower as it seems to involve the delivery guy putting my stuff in the kitchen for me (wasting more time, were I to take that route, while I explain that’s not where I want it). If everyone, or even just a majority, chose that option, though, deliveries would be massively delayed, and delivery charges would increase to compensate for the fact that fewer deliveries could be made per shift. And trust me, you do not want to give Sainsbury’s any incentive to jack up delivery charges further – you really do not!

And everybody loses.

So Cleggy, do inspect whatever jobs come your way from the Fat Bastard at No. 10 in future, no matter how seemingly innocuous or even desirable  they are, because somewhere you’ll be sure to see a tiny sticker saying “For Clegg’s use only. Chalice – probably poisoned!”

And you know what?

It will be…



13 thoughts on “Proposed carrier-bag charge from 2015.

    • That Cleggy was forever getting drawn into the lunatic schemes of others – so a similarity, albeit inadvertent, there. As to the intelligence of his donkey, I’m unsure . . .

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  2. I note you mentioned the Tesco saga of ‘No Bags’ delivery option – it entails the driver, and I’m sure you know the pot luck on attitude, trollying the plastic crates into your kitchen; well thats the theory. If you get a reasonable driver thats what they do; if not, you end up with everything you’ve bought unceremoniously dumped inside your front door! This way lies more madness!!

  3. I agree Ron…(tesco is mine) food online delivery for us house people is amazing, with carrier bags delivered and returned, always good drivers who really want to help, but if it’s delivered to the kitchen still needs to be carried elsewhere.
    The “new” carrier bag cost ? Made me think how will I do it? I ask for shopping to be left in the hall and i move it slowly through the day, so I tried one delivery without carriers, had 6 shopper bags ready at door, but it was a painful messy undertaking. Milk bottles were wet, box corners sharp etc….my hands are painful …it was fun,not.
    Ron you are right Clegg seems to be searching for stuff to say out loud… any politicians ever think things through?..NO
    Can just see Clegg behind a shed puffing on a fag, he litters up the place with fag ends, he is a *** ***** ****
    May I say Ron, good to see your email, been quiet for a while, missed your massive missives. 🙂

    • I suppose that, considering what I spend on food, 50p on bags isn’t going to break the bank, and I get my stuff dropped off in the hall anyway, so that won’t change.

      You should have had 5 blog post emails last week – I’m trying to get back to writing at least one post a day. Before that, though, they’ve been pretty thin on the ground lately as I’ve either been too ill to write, or actually in hospital, as I was 2 weeks ago, with no writing tools – not even my phone. So, I’ve fixed that and bought a Bluetooth keyboard plus a few other bits which, if I remember to take them in with me (!), will ensure I can carry on writing next time I’m admitted.

      If you’re on Twitter you can find my blog notifications there, too.

      • Didn’t get other emails, must check ….hadn’t seen your blog for couple weeks,,,,will double check…I dont twitter, I FB ,….however keep on trucking Ron… you are read by many….:-)

  4. Hi Ron,. i have tried the no bag delivery thing from Tesco. landed up with squashed fruit,squashed cakes, broken eggs etc.(not always or at once. but in separate deliveries) get the picture. besides i have mine brought in to my lounge (next door to my kitchen so only 5/6 steps with each lot. ) so much easier for me to carry a bagful that distance to put it away. anything that needs to go in pantry (door to that is in hall…bloody stupid place ) or in bathroom i put in separate bags. or if heavy,like mineral water, cans of drinks etc, i leave as my daughter puts those away for me. always have a Tuesday delivery so she can put rest away for me on weds. like you, i use empty carriers for rubbish. unless i get a glut and Tesco drivers take them away and i get extra green points for them win. to carriers. lose lose to bag-less deliveries.

    • Hugosmum70
      You are so right, deliveries without bags are a complete mess, shopping all jumbled up, the bags are brilliant for rubbish, so are recycled…like your lose lose win win 🙂
      Clegg is a lose lose..

  5. Wales have been operating a no carrier bag system since 2011. The main online supermarkets charge between 30-50pence per delivery to be paid when order placed. You also have the option of no bags. Tesco did not start charging until Sept 2013.

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