Ed – losing in 2015 is not an option. Think on…

It seems inconceivable that the Tories, with or without the LibDems, could even get elected dog-catcher in 2015, and yet look at the newspapers online and it’s all too clear that getting them back is perfectly possible, especially if Ed fails to unite the Left (I think he might have spent too long, now, playing the ToryLite game – I hope I’m wrong), and the vote is frittered away among the minor parties.

A left-wing vote for the Greens really is a vote for Cameron, or whoever replaces him by then – Boris? Never doubt that for a moment.


There’s a terrifying number of people online who seem to think voting Green genuinely is a viable option. It’s not. We do need to break the three-party (well, two plus whatever remains of the LibDem numpties after 2015, which is likely to be more than many expect), stranglehold on British politics, but this isn’t the time. The priority is getting the coalition out of the power they seized on a raft of lies and deception – effectively stealing the country. That can’t be allowed to happen twice – it should never have happened once.


When Wilson lost to Heath in the 60s, he lost because Labour, everybody said, were a shoo-in for victory, and the Left just stopped trying. That risk is here, now, and it’s just as real. Ed, buoyed up by a few good ideas – and let’s face it, they’re ideas that no party calling itself Labour could afford to ignore – might relax and stop trying.

He dare not do that.

He has to keep after them, and harry the Tories at every turn between now and 2015 – fracking, surely, is too big a target to ignore for a start. All the anti-fracking evidence he needs is available from the US. In a country that size it’s shaping up to be a major ecological disaster – it could destroy our small island.

Ed can win the election, even though he’s wasted a lot of time and angered a lot of Labour supporters – and lost some, I don’t doubt – but he has to try harder, and he can’t ever let up the pressure. Above all he has to stop jumping at shadows, build bridges with the unions, and shake off his ToryLite image, and if he has the will, it’s all doable.

If he fails, the sick and disabled, including the mentally ill, the unemployed, the simply poor and ill-educated, will have no future in this country much beyond internment for the sake of saving money, something I’ve covered at length over the past few years. Give Cameron and his sharp-suited Nazis a working majority and we are well and truly screwed. His Pogrom, with or without his leadership, will come to fruition.

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  2. I heard Rees-Mogg on the wireless today talking about a Conservative pact with UKIP to block a win by Labour at next election.

  3. I’m not happy about it but have come to the same conclusion, despite the fact I am still very angry about last Labour government (Atos assessments, PFI, lack of control of Banks etc.). Can’t forgive, or forget, but it is essential to set it aside and fight for a Labour win. Wish electorate had some form of continuing influence on behaviour and policies of selected party. It really isn’t good enough to only have a one off vote for the least bad option and then have to watch while they f***k things up all over again after the general election. I don’t trust Ed Miliband with Welfare/income support and treatment of claimants particularly those who are sick and disabled. Finally, coming out and stating he will do away with the bedroom tax, has left me with the impression that he was reluctant to do this and has been persuaded to do it because it’s a vote winner. It’s all a bit superficial, a crowd pleasing pick and mix of policies, without a coherent and comprehensive policy of support for the sick and disabled. Getting rid of Atos is completely meaningless on it’s own as the real problems are generated by the Unum influenced theories and policies now entrenched at DWP. So I’m not happy, but I will back Labour. That Daily Mail article attacking Ed Miliband’s father was racist and a vicious character assassination without any grounds or evidence. I found it shocking, upsetting and alarming that the right will go so far. It was made all the worse for there being so much support for the awful and unjustified attack. Fear Ed Miliband and Labour Party could be brought down by right wing media making personal racist attacks. It goes against everything I believe in and I want to support the Miliband family against this. I am genuinely shocked and upset for the Miliband family, t makes me ashamed to be British.

    • I read that Labour’s plan to dump Atos coincides with the end of their contract anyway. If true, then it’s an empty gesture.

      I’ll be honest, I don’t trust Ed either. He might not be dishonest, but he’s sure as hell too volatile, prone to bandwagon-jumping and – well – too Tory. There’s no getting away from that.

      As for personal attacks in or by the press I think, sadly, they’re unavoidable these days. Hell, Blair and Brown come under attack almost daily, and they’re years gone. And to demonstrate that we have a seriously dumb electorate, even in the Guardian’s CiF, which used to contain more intelligent comment than the paper itself, Brown is still widely regarded as being personally responsible for the global financial meltdown which originated in the US. The only upside is that mostly the right-wing press are preaching to the converted, to their normal fruitcake readership, so it might not be too damaging among Labour voters.

      We can but hope.

  4. I too share your thinking & feel we need a Labour Gov if only to halt the future cuts promised by the Tories; further if the alternative/new Parties such as Left Unity are serious about becoming viable options they do need at least another 6 years or so to gain momentum .

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