Thought for the Day…

Thanks to the knuckle-draggers at the Mail, I now know that the Milibands are of Jewish descent.

I seriously had no idea, nor did (or do), I care – and neither should any intelligent person. As long as people keep their religion out of their politics (and Ed’s an atheist so no problem there), I really couldn’t give a bugger what they believe in, though I often find myself staggered to very depths of my soul by the fact that Cameron and his cronies think they’re Christians. Genghis Khan had more Christian charity than that bunch.

As for the religion of a person’s father, that’s even less relevant, of no possible concern to anyone outside the circle of mouth-breathing Neanderthals, utterly incapable of joined-up thinking, employed solely to stir the shit in the cess-pit that is the Daily Mail.

Ignore the bastards, and boycott the Mail. And I mean totally, especially on Twitter – stop giving these pricks publicity.

7 thoughts on “Thought for the Day…

  1. As Ed is fairly regular in citing his father as his political inspiration, then it’s not surprising that a paper like the Mail is going to go digging to find out what Ralph was about. Discrediting is what they do. Despite the fact that he fought in WW2 would be ignored – what they seized upon was that at 17 he wrote in his diary that he ‘hated’ Britain and its nationalism. I don’t know that it’s the family’s Jewishness that is the Mail’s point, more the Marxist angle.

    The trouble is the populist press- in print and online- is all on the right. When you consider that a lot of people out there have, as their main interest gossip and celebrity (???) papers like the Mail feed them that diet, with right-wing rhetoric thrown in. See what fills their empty minds? I despair.

    • I rather suspect that many teenagers hate “their” country, or some aspect of it, especially those who come here as refugees or migrants. It’s quite common among the kids of Muslim migrants by all accounts – around the time of the 7/7 bombings it was a loudly, and widely, expressed sentiment.

      As for Marxism, journos and politicians say the idea is absurd, and that Ed is about as Marxist as the Pope (I paraphrase somewhat!).

      It seems clear this morning, though, that despite the Mail’s best (worst?) efforts, things are working out in Ed’s favour. Certainly, I think it’s likely to push voters like me, who are tempted to vote for the guy but don’t actually like him, towards him rather than away from him.

  2. agree completely: the Daily Fail has been running the Cameron re-election campaign ever since he was grudgingly elected. The fail must be desperate already although I suppose that it will be turned on Cameron as soon as his succession is clear: staff at my local Smiles cannot even give the rag away.

  3. Perhaps some enterprising person could go digging around to discover what Paul Dacre wrote in his diary when he was 17. I bet it makes for some interesting reading…

    (We’ll just skim over the absurdity of a newspaper which actually loathes Britain and actively campaigns for its destruction today criticising anyone else for making a throwaway “I hate this country” comment.)

  4. The Daily Mail has got to be one of the most hated of papers and also, the newspaper that lies about anything it can lay it’s filthy mitts on! I mean, come on, it’s a tory rag and the only thing that the tories have done consistently these past 3 years, is lie!
    Why others read the billshut unless they are a tory, I’ll never understand.
    I’ve known since the two Milliband brothers were up against each other that they were of Jewish descent and I didn’t care, in-fact I don’t think many care about it except the owners of certain newspapers!
    I hope it does work the other way and persuades more to vote for Labour as we really, really can’t have the tories in again, or the tory/ukip coalition <—– that is an utterly terrifying thought!

  5. Unfortunately, Ed is not the most inspirational leader the Labour Party has ever had and I am not sure the Mail/Milliband debacle will endear him to the middle ground. That’s the most worrying aspect of politics at the moment… I think the middle ground are moving to the right and Ed is not the man to draw them in the opposite direction. Good thing we are a long way from an election.

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