Do I deserve a treat?

I’m trying to decide whether I can justify the expense of treating myself to the new Kindle Paperwhite 3G when I already have the original, non-3G, version (Plus a K3** and a Fire HD).

**Which Amazon, despite it’s official tag being Kindle 3 on release, now call Kindle Keyboard – I prefer K3.

It all depends on how much hospitals are going to feature in my future – and it could be rather a lot. It depends on how successful treatment is for my lymphoedema, in the main but, also, as I get older (if I get older – the jury is still out on that), my COPD and my heart problems will also contribute their freight of fuckuppery.

Then there’s the financial consideration. Right now, I have the money, but the way Cameron’s and IDS’s anti-sick and disabled, anti-poor, and anti-unemployed Pogrom is progressing, I think it’s only a matter of time before we pensioners are sucked in too (though a major consideration for any political party must be the vast number of votes in our hands, unlike the other groups). However, neither logic nor common sense prevail as far as Cameron, IDS and Osborne are concerned – incompetence and bigotry, hatred and insanity, hold sway in the realms of Westminster.

So while I have the money now, in the future I might not. It does, then, seem to make sense to invest now.

Thing is, by linking my current Paperwhite to my Galaxy S3, I can get it online easily enough. It does mean, however, that I’d be running down two batteries, and in hospital, that’s a major consideration, as spare electrical sockets for charging are at a premium.

Final consideration – with two Paperwhites, I can keep the 3G version permanently in my hospital kit, and keep the other, as now, for day to day use.

OK, then – I’m convinced. How about you?

Almost forgot – I’m a bit of a geek, and a gadget freak to boot, so how can I not do this?


And it’s ordered. Goddamn, I’m a persuasive bugger!


13 thoughts on “Do I deserve a treat?

  1. You go for it Ron – ooops, you have 🙂 Well, that’s that then isn’t it, you persuaded yourself into getting it and it’ll be on it’s way soon.
    Glad I couldn’t help 🙂
    Jay x

    • Sadly, no instant gratification – it’s not released for a couple of weeks.

      While I’m waiting, I’ve figured out a way to carry my hospital holdall on my manual chair without unbalancing it, or having the bag hung round my neck. Photoshoot and blog post coming up early next week.

  2. The cost of a Paperwhite 3g now is going to have very little impact on anything DC and his crew might throw at us in months to come! Main thing is you stay connected and sounds like you got it all sorted with the balancing act and everything. I think we’d all say ‘Ron, you can have anything you like mate’ x

      • O love my kindle and wouldn’t be without it but..what can you do with more than 1?? I’m typical in that what I don’t understand I find frightening thats all xx

        • Then allow me, dear girl, to lighten your darkness 😉

          My K3 is great, but the Paperwhite, with its light, is better (I’m not a great fan of touchscreens on anything bigger than a phone). The New Paperwhite has a faster processor, a whole raft of other improvements, including a better light, and the 3G function will make it easy to go online, especially if I need to buy more books while in APH. The Fire HD is a tablet computer, rather than a reader, so doesn’t really count, though it’s brilliant for reading books and magazines in colour.

          To sum up, each Kindle is better than the previous one, and/or has functions the others didn’t have. 3G, for example, is another way of staying connected while in hospital (much though I hate the place, I’m not going to be able to stay out of there for ever), so that Kindle is only for hospital use.

          Hope that helps, Jayne.

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