Leaking Lymphoedema and compression – not a good mix – Update…

And yes – I am as sick and tired of this as you are, but putting this in the public domain means that nobody has deniability. Fine, call me paranoid – I’m past caring.

This is my right leg. On Tuesday it showed a single shiny, wet, patch – now it’s a suppurating mess. Here I’ve just turned down the top of the dressing pad, to see what’s happening,, and this crap now covers most of my calf, as far as I can tell without removing the whole pad, back and front. And it stinks. My left leg is much the same, but I figured one pic might gross you out, never mind two.

Suppurating leg

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Apologies for the slight blurriness, but using the flash would have burnt out the white areas.

If the nurse, tomorrow, tries to spin this as an improvement, or even as a disaster, but my fault, I will not be responsible for the consequences!

It’s partly my fault, I suppose, as I should never have agreed to compression in the first place while the leg was still infected but, not unreasonably, I assumed the specialist staff actually know what they were doing.

Clearly, I was wrong and, by the look of it, compression has forced the infection deep into the tissues. Which poses the question – where the bloody hell do I go from here? All I can do now is put my faith in my dermatology appointment – whenever that might be – and hope for the best they can cure the infection. Then, and only then, would I be willing to try compression again.


7 thoughts on “Leaking Lymphoedema and compression – not a good mix – Update…

  1. can you not ring your dermatology consultants secretary, tell them your waiting for an appointment but that the legs are so much worse you feel your consultant should see them sooner rather than later and ask if there’s any chance of getting an early app. nicely does it though. you never know your luck.. hope something gets done quickly anyway, no one should have this happen i know. i know of one old lady. in her 80s who was put in compression a couple of years ago. within days she could barely walk and like you suffered from leaky legs that were worse after that/ took her a year to get so she could walk comfortably again though never regained her former ability in that department. has steadfastly refused ever to go in compression again, and at 88 who can blame her? and things have gradually improved though at the moment she is suffering an infection of the skin. am waiting to hear if she got home ok after a couple of nights stay in hospital on antibiotics.and no it wasnt APH.

      • would have thought your GP would have known which consultant you had been referred to or are we just referred to a department and stuck in a pool of consultants within that department where they go eenie meenie miny mo to decide who will be ours? nothing would surprise me these days.

  2. You will be down on the list for an appointment though, right? Best to check anyway as you may think you have an appointment coming but the truth could be that you haven’t!!!
    If you are down on the list then explain to them what is happening and that things are getting so bad that you feel like cutting your own legs off. That ought to do the trick???????

    • I should be – I was told I would be – that doesn’t mean I am. I’m going to phone in a few minutes.

      The staff nurse was so pissed off with my refusal of more compression that I wouldn’t be surprised if she “forgot” to schedule a call. A nurse has been in the building this morning,I’ve got the security camera on, to the guy upstairs – same problem – but didn’t come here, which suggests I might be right.

      Some bugger had better turn up, though, as my legs are a stinking, blood-soaked mess. If they don’t, photos are going to the Guardian, together with an explanation. They’ll also be told that my moron GP won’t prescribe any more Oramorph, without which I simply can’t function, nor will I be able to attend hospital appointments.

    • I was right – no appointment scheduled for today – it’s tomorrow.

      Can I wait til tomorrow?

      No, my legs are a blood-soaked mess and they stink, they need attention.

      Massive surliness at the other end! And they’ll try and get an auxiliary nurse out today.

      Try? If they don’t succeed, someone’s getting their arse kicked.

      Between these buggers and a GP who won’t prescribe essential drugs, I’m feeling conspired against!

  3. Sorry you’re having such a problem with your legs. My Dad has a leg ulcer with mixed aotiology which responded more to bed rest than compression. Hope you receive the correct treatment.

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