Christmas Plans. . .

For those of you wondering where the hell I’ve got to, I’ve been in hospital again, which many of you will already know.

I’m pretty much back where I was between this time last year and March of this year, which is to say unable to eat, yet persistently vomiting – well, futilely retching, anyway (actually, last nights’ “meal” of a wedge of rather nice Wensleydale plus a thinly-sliced, gently-pickled, baby beetroot, somewhat surprisingly stayed put).  The difference being that, this time, I know what’s going on so hopefully I won’t get close to starving myself to death like I did last time.

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In hospital yet again…

If you’ve been wondering where I’d got to, that’s where. I’m out now though – escaped yesterday.

Let’s start with something positive. In 2011 I was stuck in Ward 34, APH, where they tried to kill me (already amply covered), and from where, after 4 days and nights of sleep deprivation, in desperation I got myself discharged while some ragged edges of sanity still remained.

Sleep deprivation, by the way, is a breach of the Geneva Convention.

This time, same ward, while it was noisy during the day, it was silent at night. Made a massive difference.

Having a side room to myself also made a huge difference.

I had diarrhoea when admitted, which got me the room – oddly, my MRSA counted for nothing – WHY?

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Letter to my vascular consultant.

The following letter will by faxed to my vascular consulant at Clatterbridge Hospital, Wirral, on Monday, November 4. If it fails to have the desired effect, I’m screwed:-


Dear Mr. Xxxxxxxx,

I had a telephone call from your secretary some time ago, to the effect that, as I’d cancelled the ultrasound scan at APH, you felt unable to proceed further unless I rearranged it. Let me explain why I can’t do that. Continue reading

Just when you thought Iain Duncan Smith could not stoop any lower……….

Diary of an SAH Stroke Survivor

Permission given by those concerned in this article

They have request that this be blogged and that I help in making it go viral so I ask if you agree with what has been published here you too share, blog and retwit as this is a new low of Iain Duncan Smith and I for one am truly disgusted not only with his reply letter that did not even touch base with the issues raised he also chose to pass the buck this smacks of total incompetence.

The person this refers to is a BRITISH CITIZEN indeed she has lived here all her life, was born in Chingford LONDON and is a UK Passport Holder. She has worked here paid her taxes here, however this Govt want to send her to Holland.

The letter I will copy and paste below is a letter sent to Iain Duncan Smith by the…

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MRSA – The Return . . .

Can Amazon sell me a hooded robe, a brass handbell and a staff with a plaque  bellowing “Unclean!” at the world?

I’ve been telling every bugger who’ll listen, for weeks now, that there is something seriously wrong with my legs, beyond Lymphoedema which, trust me, is bad enough. And back comes the stock, meaningless answer, “You have cellulitis.”

Meaningless because all that means is that I have an as yet unspecified infection.

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