MRSA information needed…

Having been notified, by my GP, in a tone of voice that suggested his dog had just died, that the wounds in my lymphoedema-inflated legs were infected with MRSA, my first thought was “Oh shit, I’m gonna die!”.

So, naturally, I Googled MRSA mortality rates, and while Google threw numbers at me – reassuringly low at first glance – I still haven’t been able to find out what proportion of those infected this represents.

I can see how many per million, or per 100,000, which is zero help when what I want to know is what percentage of people who have MRSA-infected wounds/lesions actually die as a direct result.

This is not just morbid curiosity on my part – more being scared shitless –  because if the severity of pain = severity of situation, I am seriously fucked.

If anybody out there can point me at a source for these data, I really would appreciate it.


NB: I’m usually pretty adept at extracting info from Google, but I think I’m too close to this – I find it hard to focus. That or part of me really doesn’t want to know – but the part that worries does!

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  1. Hi Ron….I’m never around cause my (now fired by me!) rheumatologist didn’t give me my biologic back and I have to wait until December 2nd for my appt. with a new one.

    As far as MRSA, I have to ride the medical bus until I get a car in the spring. There is a man who rides the bus and he has MRSA. First, I do what you do, head to Dr. Google. Most times that is good but in some cases it can drive one crazy. The guy on the bus has had MRSA for YEARS! He is on a narcotic for the pain and has been for years. He has zero pain from the MRSA. I don’t have the strength to Google much today, but try here first. There is ALWAYS hope! 🙂

  2. I can certainly understand your fear Ron. However, at the moment it is only the word itself that you’ve heard from your doctor, not the whole picture… although I would not underestimate the shock of being told that over the phone! What a git. Also, my guess is that you will read statistics of cases, possibly fatal, that in fact were undiagnosed/untreated. Well, isn’t that true of most serious illnesses. like cancer ? So today, I would avoid going down any internet mrsa road to its conclusion – how will that help you? Internet searches rarely bring reassurance in my experience and often create more fear. The questions, I believe you need directly answered from your own doctor (or whoever) are, ‘where is this infection sited and how long have I had it’ …the other obvious one is ‘…and what are you gonna do about it?’ One thing is for sure, your attention to your wounds and your hygiene (or insistance upon these where others provide) is the one thing at the moment that definitely will help. Fond love as always – Pat

    • Well, Pat, I know exactly where the infection is sited. It’s in my legs, which is why I’m stuffing ointment up my nose 4 time a day ;-), so that’s not an issue. The, er, big issue is how long have I had it? Dunno.

      I acquired it some time between being tested in April (negative), and being tested in August (positive; treated with ointment-up-nose and Doxycycline – but as not retested at the time, no idea if it worked; my guess is not).

      MRSA discovered in swab taken 2 weeks ago from leg lesions.

      Questions: Has every swab been tested for MRSA? Dunno. If they have, has it been missed until last week? Dunno. One swab result mysteriously vanished and is now deemed not to have happened, despite Doxycycline being prescribed as a result of it. Did somebody at the surgery miss spotting MRSA and then destroy the evidence? Dunno, but it feels like a YES! Especially as the next swab was positive. I’d love to compare the records for Doxy prescribing in my file and in the pharmacy, see if there’s one missing from the former.

      And I’m not looking for reassurance, btw, just for information, not case by case, but nationally – how many people are infected, say, annually and, of those, how many die. It’s a simple number, it should be easily available, but it’s not. No point in asking my GP – according to him I should be dead already!

  3. The ‘egg’ which erupted on your leg was a new development; if mrsa was the cause then it may well be recent, even if it’s a recurrence. Hence my wondering about the site of infection; is it a contained site, affecting solely your legs? That’s a lot different to having the infection in a number of areas, or even the whole body. That’s why I think the hygiene is critical for you and I hope those nurses are extra vigilant. More washing ? Wiith something antibacterial ?
    I wouldn’t mind betting that mrsa is highly unlikely to be cited as ’cause of death’ even though its presence in a patient could’ve be a factor – their ’cause of death’ is far more likely to be cited as ‘pneumonia’ as they may have been ill in a whole number of ways. So perhaps this is why it is difficult to find those figures.
    From what I have read, mrsa seems to be just about everywhere but the fact that you are at home is a good thing, as long as, once dealt with, it is not brought to your door again by carelessness.

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