Christmas Plans. . .

For those of you wondering where the hell I’ve got to, I’ve been in hospital again, which many of you will already know.

I’m pretty much back where I was between this time last year and March of this year, which is to say unable to eat, yet persistently vomiting – well, futilely retching, anyway (actually, last nights’ “meal” of a wedge of rather nice Wensleydale plus a thinly-sliced, gently-pickled, baby beetroot, somewhat surprisingly stayed put).  The difference being that, this time, I know what’s going on so hopefully I won’t get close to starving myself to death like I did last time.

I still maintain, though, that given how ill I felt at the time (about which I made the consultant aware), I should never have been discharged from hospital. Of that I have absolutely no doubt.

I feel so appallingly nauseous (even when not actually puking/retching), that I’m finding it impossible to write anything of consequence. I’m hoping I’ll get back to normal at some point but, sadly, I have no idea when, or even if, that will happen.

However, one thing I am aiming for is a foodie post for Christmas. I might, if circumstances works against me, be too late for this Christmas (I might even be in hospital), but don’t worry, there’ll be another one along next year.

Having no family, nor any religious belief, I don’t do a conventional Christmas, but I do try to cook something out of the ordinary every year – something manifestly not traditional. This year it – and for once this has been in the planning stage for some weeks, having its gestation during my last stay in hospital – it’s going to be a game cobbler, with a cheese flavoured suet crust studded with meatballs. Always assuming I can get some fresh Ludo and Snakes & Ladders, and Sainsbury’s haven’t run out of Monopoly.**

Watch this space…

**Actually, I have all the ingredients in the freezer, (or fridge), including a pack of mixed game meats and some really good cheese so, in the event that I’m not well enough to cook it for Christmas – all too likely the way things are going – it will be done as soon as I’m able.

The basic recipe, though, will be written and published ASAP – hopefully in the next day or two – as there’s nothing difficult involved.

6 thoughts on “Christmas Plans. . .

  1. Any idea what’s causing the nausea Ron? Have you told the nurses about it? Hope you start feeling better soon but please be aware if things get worse, and get help. xXx

    • Told everyone, Tricia, from nurses to hospital consultant – might as well have saved my breath. I was vomiting when I was admitted to APH recently, for much of the time I was in there, and when I was discharged. Really don’t see what more I can do.

  2. The lack of treatment you receive from the NHS disgusts me Ron. Look after yourself, because it looks like no-one is going to. I only wish we lived closer to you. x

  3. Well, it is really great to think that you are planning a feast for Christmas and I can tell you, for my part (and many others) if you are up to executing it, that would indeed be a cause for celebration!
    For this bug to be identified and treated with the correct medication seems to be such a small ask -what’s the matter with ’em!

    • I don’t think it is a bug, Pat. For some reason, when I expectorate, some part of my brain reads that as a signal to puke. Often that comes to nothing, but it can become full-blown barfing – just no way of telling til it happens!

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