Feeling pissed off – quite literally!

I know my diuretics are essential but, ffs, I’m so sick of peeing!

Today I’ve drunk about half a litre, but I’ve peed more like 4 litres (yep, I’m measuring it today). I’m peeing roughly every 15-20 minutes and, god, it’s exhausting walking back and forth to the bathroom (now 11.30 and it’s finally slowing down).

Because of the disparity between fluid in and fluid out, I’m getting seriously dehydrated, yet if I drink more I’ll pee even more – it’s a no-win situation.

As I’ve pointed out previously, when taking diuretics, adequate fluid levels have to be maintained. That is, you have to take in more than you put out, to remain adequately hydrated yet, until your diuretics start to lose their efficacy after about 6 hours, all that will do is ramp up the interminable peeing! Has to be done, though, and so I’m having half a litre of Vimto and to hell with the consequences.

I should dry up around midday, after which I can hit the kitchen and make some sourdough bread, and also finalise my game pie filling, get it portioned, and in the freezer, without having to keep breaking off to pee.


2 thoughts on “Feeling pissed off – quite literally!

  1. Hubby is the same Ron – backwards and forwards all morning, till around midday when it wears off. If he has to go somewhere early during the morning, or is going out for the day to take photographs, then he doesn’t take it! I’ve told him off, but he says that one day every now and then won’t hurt him and that he needs a break from all the peeing, and I can understand that. I’m sick of hearing the toilet flush!!!! 🙂

    • He’s right, missing the occasional day won’t hurt. I do the same thing if I have to be out. And I find that, occasionally, my system rebels and the Furosemide doesn’t work for a day anyway.

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