Hey, BoJo – mind the reality gap . . .

I have always resisted the idea that Boris Johnson is stupid, no matter how hard he works to give that impression. He is, I believe, an intelligent and politically very dangerous man. And then he goes and says something incredibly stupid, like this, about Nick Clegg:-

“So far as he fulfils any function at all it is to stop sensible policies being promulgated by this government, that’s basically what he does and the sooner we are shot of the great yellow albatross of the Liberal Democrats in my view the better.”

A statement which flies in the face of the truth, and is so wilfully absurd I’m forced to wonder whether the fact that BoJo is incapable of dressing himself properly is not an affectation after all, but indicative of a mind that truly is clinging on by its fingernails.

Far from blocking sensible policies (what sensible policies, ffs?), the power-mad Clegg’s main function has been to enable the most heinously destructive policies that the perverted minds of Cameron, Osborne and the deeply disturbed IDS could come up with.

Nothing this government has done, from the tuition fees debacle, the  wholesale destruction of the Welfare State, with its mass deaths/suicides, to the fire sale of the NHS, and the exclusion of the poor from the justice system, could have happened without the support of Clegg and his gutless bunch of losers.

Far from being obstructive, he’s served his Spam-faced greaseball paymaster extremely well – Cameron has nothing at all to complain about. Even allowing for the 30-pieces-of-silver exchange rate fluctuations, he’s had excellent value for money out of Clegg.

The rest of us, not so much…


4 thoughts on “Hey, BoJo – mind the reality gap . . .

  1. A man you could never trust, a man you can never stop watching as he’ll do whatever he wants. Dangerous, yes! A narcissist – yes! Evil – oh yes!

  2. cant say one person from the lib-con govt (plus BJ or anyone else who went to the same school as those now in power) comes remotely close to being MY favourite person .they are all evil, pompous jackasses born into a world most of us cant even comprehend. certainly not of this world anyway.

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