Water for Fracking – where’s it coming from?

According to today’s Guardian, fracking is to be allowed on 60% of this country’s land.  Of course, it’s highly unlikely that it will happen to that extent but, to whatever extent it does happen, it’s going to soak up a vast amount of a resource that even in a moderately hot summer is in short supply – water.

Given how keen the water companies have  been in the past to impose hosepipe bans, just how the hell do they hope to cope with the demands of fracking? I have, in the past seen reservoirs reduced to expanses of cracked mud after maybe 6 weeks without rain – if that happens in the future, who do you think will be considered a priority when it comes to doling out whatever water is left? Us – or frackers? Here’s a clue, only one of us bribes – sorry, donates to – the Tories.

Fracking not only consumes vast amounts of otherwise potable water, it also contaminates the groundwater that we might be using – just ask America.

Now consider this past year or two, with massive droughts in Australia and the US. Think what might happen on this relatively tiny island, chronically short of water every time the sun shines, in many areas, and along come these fracking tossers, to lay waste to what water we do have either by pumping it into the ground in the form of slurry, or by the slurry contaminating potentially useable groundwater – or both. Right now, all water companies are agreed we have ample supplies – for normal use. Add in fracking and an Oz-style drought – not impossible in these unpredictable times – and we would be seriously screwed.

Screwed because you can bank on it that a government that would give such a massive tax break – down from 62% to 30% – will not build into any licence the conditions that protect the needs of the populace, or existing industry, for water. It is, ffs, essential for life and life, even for the dishonest arsewipes running this country, must surely come before profits. Don’t hold your breath, though, as the reality is likely to be rolling domestic water outages so the fracking fuckers can continue to trash our island’s bedrock while  we go thirsty, wearing last week’s unwashed clothes. Or worse…

I have no doubt that hosepipe bans, and water shut-offs will be introduced, but I’m guessing such events won’t apply to this corrupt government’s current favourite palm-greasers, who will continue to contaminate our diminishing water supply beyond recovery, and pour it into the ground while we go short, with rolling water shut-offs blighting domestic life and causing industrial shut-down on a massive scale. Hell, even a pub can’t operate without water, never mind, say, a car plant. Or a hospital.

Still, what does it matter if we go thirsty and unwashed, what remaining industry we have is devastated, and the country becomes one enormous, toxic mud puddle, just as long as Cameron’s and Osborne’s favourite new paymasters are kept happy? But bear one thing in mind, folks – the frackers don’t have a vote – come 2015, we do. Use yours wisely.

Originally published, in a different form, July 21, 2013.


2 thoughts on “Water for Fracking – where’s it coming from?

  1. Who will end up paying for all the water the frackers use? It’ll be us! They’ll just increase the water bills in some way, then with the water cut offs and suchlike we’ll be paying for something that we don’t get much of!
    We’ve still got coal yet they wan’t to do the fracking and build a nuclear reactor when the rest of the civilized world are shutting theirs down.
    Then again, we are talking about the Tory led coalition and they want to take us back a century.

  2. well said Ron/ and that’s made me understand it all a bit more.
    what got me this summer, is that in spite of the intense heat (compared to normal summers) which rendered 50% (at least in this area) of the populace, unable to wear shoes, unless lucky and could get sandals on with Velcro straps due to water laden legs and feet (yes including me and even now am still fighting to a much lesser degree in spite of the “chill” in the air.)…..
    what gets me is how come we didn’t see water bans, stand pipes etc anywhere? our town still kept the “water feature” going? (circle of mini fountains the waters of which met in the middle of the circle that was our original bullring. the kids loved it to keep cool under of course/). but i traveled around Yorkshire,Lancashire, Lincolnshire and Derbyshire during this year and don’t recall a single fountain/water feature not playing, streams /brooks/rivers seemed to be fine. no stand pipes anywhere.the reservoir over Halifax where most of our water comes from or did (now comes from other places as well as Baiting’s reservoir), showed a small amount of cracks around the edges. the year before was much more down than this year. hottest summer for God knows how many years it was suppose to have been this year. my plants (well pots) survived and i didnt water as often as i should have.or would have in previous years. just couldnt struggle to roll out the hosepipe and i cant carry sufficient water in one go let alone a 2nd one. for a 2nd

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