Christmas . . .

Having a deeply shitty day health-wise, and forgetting the niceties.

So, a very Happy Christmas to all my readers, old and new, and always remember, you only get a hangover if you stop drinking.



7 thoughts on “Christmas . . .

    • Thanks Morag. Seems to be par for the course for me, crashing at Christmas, and some of my fellow spoonies are in the same position. Still, at least these days, I’m not depressed, which makes it a lot easier to cope with.

  1. Hope your day did get better Ron. I’ve had a really nice day but have overdone it so am starting to pay for it now, and no doubt I will be paying for it tomorrow. But who cares?
    I like Boxing Day better as I can go through my gifts at a leisurely pace instead of trying to see everything at once!
    Hope tomorrow is another good day for you.
    Merry Christmas Ron 🙂
    Jay xx

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