Windows Gadgets are history – Important Update…

It’s Update Tuesday, which has given me an update for Windows Defender. Simultaneously, my Windows Gadgets have reappeared. The Desktop Gadget Gallery has moved to the top of the Start menu, and now functions properly, while my resource meters are back in the top-right corner.

Does this mean that Microsoft have fixed the vulnerability problem? Really should have read the fine print on that update, but I rarely bother because it’s usually incomprehensible anyway.

However, in view of the security risks (nobody online is mentioning that today’s WD update has fixed the problem, so I’m assuming it hasn’t**), I think I’m better off without Gadgets. They can be disabled at Control Panel – Programs (uninstall a program) – Turn Windows Features on or off. Uncheck the Windows Gadget Platform tickbox. (Note: Needs a restart.)

Do that and all should be well.

**And I also have, in the absence of hard facts, no real idea what the hell has been going on with this!