Man loses benefits because he had heart attack during work capability assessment

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UK today!)

A man with heart problems who couldn’t complete a work capability assessment because he had a heart attack during the interview had his benefits stopped by the job centre for ‘withdrawing’ from the interview.

I promise you this is not satire. Here’e the story from the Oldham Evening Chronicle:

Heart-attack victim in cash-axe shock

The UK under this government is getting harder and harder to satirise day by day.


Big thanks to Robert Cragg for the heads up on this.

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Organic Lamb Casserole – a Recipe with a Middle Eastern Vibe…

This is the recipe I threatened you with last week. Unlike the Quorn fiasco, this worked perfectly. Note the comment about holding back the meat – you don’t want to overcook it and have it disintegrate.


800g (roughly), Organic lamb leg steaks (bone out), diced. I sometimes buy half a leg of lamb and cut my own if I’m feeling up to it. No special reason – just for the hell of it, and to keep my hand in. And Continue reading

A Recipe: Vegetarian Sausage and Cannellini Bean Casserole – Warning…

Well, I made this, exactly as described. And I don’t think I’ve ever cooked anything so irredeemably awful.

The sausages were insanely salty and, after I’d fixed that, tasted of bugger all! They also had the texture of boiled, stale, bread.

As they contributed Continue reading

A Recipe: Vegetarian Sausage and Cannellini Bean Casserole…

Note: This is a provisional recipe, to be made tomorrow or Monday, depending on how well I am. I’m confident in it, though, and any changes will be minor. I’ve spoon-rated it, as I’ve already made the meaty version of it.


Tomorrow, spoons permitting, there will be cooking perpetrated. My leg is healing, and I can finally stand without excruciating pain – for a little while, anyway. It still complains if I take liberties.

The week before last I made a Continue reading

Warning signs and other ramblings, with added food…

Extremely dismayed, in bed last night, to see that my right leg (I have bilateral lymphoedema, for new readers), was once again swollen. Being on my feet much of the day, and up a step-ladder at one point, probably the reasons.

It’s gone down again this morning but clearly a warning sign that I need to take much more care of myself. Trouble is, there are many things I have to do myself because there is no-one else to do them for me like, yesterday, stocking my shiny new fridge freezer, and (the ladder thing), repairing the reflective film on my window (my flat faces due south, that wall is almost all glass, and the sun can push up the temperature into the high 30s without the film – and yes, I do get tired of explaining to the witless that I’m not hiding from aliens, or CIA death rays!).

And, in the next couple of days, there are things I have to do that I wouldn’t Continue reading

Buying a fridge freezer – harder than it should be…

Last week, I had to buy a new fridge freezer after the old one died. In an attempt to save money, I bought a Beko CFD7914APW from the Co-op. It cost £399 while the American-style models I favoured started at £600** and headed swiftly for the stratosphere. Sadly, it was, by any definition, a piece of crap.

**Not at the Co-op, theirs are even pricier.

It was delivered with a part missing, a Continue reading

More Leg Buggeration Fixed…

No, not my right leg, that’s still progressing nicely – and reasonably pain-free.

This is my healed left leg, and now it’s taken against me. Last week the nurses’ manager agreed with me that the tubular bandage should be left off as it was doing nothing useful.


What it was doing – keeping Continue reading

The Lesions Are Healing!

Despite dire prognostications from the staff nurse (I use that term as the post seems to be analogous to that in a hospital – I don’t know if it’s the correct title for a community nurse), that my lesions will never heal without compression, the evidence – in a mere four days – speaks for itself. The swelling continues to diminish, too – my right foot is now almost as small as my left. A few more days, and with appropriate wound protection, and socks, I might just be able to wear boots again.

This is the last pic, from last Thursday:- Continue reading