Leg report – yes folks, a senior nurse has been! And armed with apologies too.

And it wasn’t all good news.

The remaining lesions are, apparently, baby ulcers (personally, not convinced – we’ll see), for which the only cure is allegedly compression. Bearing in mind the biggest “ulcer” is 1.6cm across at its widest point (and that, frankly, is a very generous measurement as all of them cover an area less than 5cm square!), and the rest are much smaller, compression means wrapping my leg, tightly and painfully, in four layers of unyielding bandage and padding from toes to groin.

Given that for 9 of the last 10 months I made no progress whatsoever, and often got worse instead, and that the main improvement has happened when I’ve taken charge (because bloody nurses didn’t show up, or came when I’d already changed the dressing, being sick of waiting), then I do not consider that the few remaining tiny lesions qualify for the definition of ulcers which is, if they’ve lasted more than 3 weeks, they’re ulcers. If they are ulcers, why weren’t the huge ones that lasted for many months ulcers too?

The major lesions reached from toes to knee for most of last year on my right leg – no-one suggested they were ulcers. And of course, they’re now healed WITHOUT compression (in fact the two occasions compression has been tried, it’s made me much worse). So we’ll do this my way.

As far as I’m concerned, the small lesions that are left are the residue of those that have been cured. So if the massive ones can be cured, so can the small ones, and I intend to continue with the silver dressings until such time as common sense says it’s futile.

And I am not having my leg bound from toes to balls. Not at all. One thing I can say with absolute certainty is that it is not going to happen.

For a start, if they do that, all the dead skin I’m shedding will be trapped, will get wet from the lesions, which are suppurating slightly (not happy about that), and from sweat,  will leach fluids and bacteria from the lesions, and rot, setting the scene for widespread infection. That’s a risk I am not willing to take.

In addition, I won’t be able to bend my knee, which means, for a start, I won’t be able to get near this computer, nor will I be able to get in or out of bed, as there simply isn’t room to do so with my leg sticking out immovably. I won’t be able to use my wheelchairs either which, more than anything else is not acceptable – it means I’ll be trapped in here, unable to do so much as take rubbish to the bin, or do my laundry (laundry room is at the other end of the building. Even if I could somehow trundle round with one leg stuck out in front – not safe – there is no way I can get into or out of them safely, on my own, with a leg that won’t bend. My powerchair might possibly be doable with great care, my pared-down manual chair, without armrests or movable legrests, is impossible without help. Which I don’t have.

In addition, we’ve agreed that unless things take a turn for the worse, which I’m afraid might happen having seen the deterioration today (not a lot, but I don’t want any!), I’m not happy, the nurses will attend every Monday and Thursday, and phone me at least half an hour in advance.

So we’ll see how that works out.

4 thoughts on “Leg report – yes folks, a senior nurse has been! And armed with apologies too.

  1. Ron, firstly Happy new Year, secondly my advice would be to do it your way regarding the ‘ulcers’.

  2. You’ve seen how your legs have healed so far due to your way of doing it, starting another regime would only take you backwards!
    Maybe the tiny lesions are just having an off day 🙂 Let’s hope that they stop the leaking
    and let’s also hope that your legs get better quickly.
    I applaud you for sticking to your guns 🙂
    Jay xx

    • I banged the crap out of them a couple of days ago on my wheelchair – didn’t help! Hopefully that’s all that’s wrong. And even if it’s not, no compression!

      I don’t know why she keeps bringing it up, especially now she can see how good my legs are without it. No swelling on left, almost none on right, no pain – mostly – no smell. Just 4 or 5 tiny, scabby patches – you could cover them all with a £2 coin. It’s as if she can’t see any of that.

      • Well doing that to them won’t have helped and perhaps they are giving you a bit of payback 😉
        You are the one that has had to put up with all the pain etc, yet you are the one that has taken it upon yourself to treat them properly – good job – ignore nurses 🙂

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